Brisbane Bike Hire

$12.50 Per Day or $25 Per Week | Pick-Up or Delivery

If you are looking for a social-distancing approved way to get out than grab a Brisbane bike hire! Bike hire in Brisbane is a great way to keep healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brisbane bike hire is available for just $25 per week (subject to availability). Pick up a bike direct from Riverlife or have it delivered to within 10km of Brisbane City. Whether you are looking for a one week hire for a scenic ride up Mt Coot Tha, or a long-term hire to ramp up your home workout routine, this is for you!

For just $12.50 per day or $25 per week, this is one of the best social distancing approved ways to to get our on your own for either fun or fitness. Leaving from Kangaroo Point, explore 20km of inner-city bikeways. Take the time to appreciate the sights of the city you live and work in such as the Wheel of Brisbane and Southbank Beach. Cross the river via the Goodwill Bridge and pedal around the City Botanic Gardens, stop, smell the roses and soak up some much-needed sunshine. Just need an escape? Bike to your favourite coffee shop, grab breakfast to-go and show your support during these uncertain times. Explore Brisbane’s more challenging paths on a long ride or uncover hidden trails in your neighbourhood. Check out some of our favourite bike paths, here.

All bikes and equipment are cleaned and sanitised between uses. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home, rest up and consult a medical professional. 

Riverlife’s premier location along the Brisbane bikeway on Kangaroo Point and years of tour expertise make it the best bike hire in Brisbane. You can hire bikes and start pedalling right from Riverlife’s entrance!

Please wear closed-in shoes for bike riding.

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Safety & Precautions When Biking In Brisbane

  • All safety features (lights, brakes, tyres) are checked over by our team before your departure
  • All bikes and safety equipment are cleaned and sanitsied between uses
  • We have Australian standard approved bike helmets or you may use your own.
  • Where possible, always use the bike lane
  • Give way to pedestrians and other users at all times.
  • If you approach pedestrians, slow down and sound your bell as you pass them on the right.
  • On the road, keep left where practical.
  • Follow road signs and signals.
  • Don’t carry passengers on your bike.
  • If you are riding at night or in the late afternoon, wear light coloured and reflective clothing.
  • Ride no more than two abreast and be prepared to ride in single file on narrow roads.
  • Indicate a change of direction with clear hand signal.
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening.
  • Never hold on to another moving vehicle while riding.
  • Do not overtake vehicles if they are turning left.
  • Be predictable – travel in a straight line – do not weave.
  • Listening to music is great but avoid doing it while your on your bike so you can stay aware.