Bowling? Tick. Mini-golf? Tick. Urb-E Tour? What?!

If you’re a little over renting out weird shoes or putt-putting your back out, then you must book in an Urb-E Tour for your child’s next birthday. Here’s 3 reasons why you’ll be the envy of the PTA.


Do you really want to be throwing the same old kids birthday party? An Urb-E Tour Birthday Party is going to be a first for your child and all of their friends. It’s not often you get to expose this young generation to something completely new and to something that will make you the coolest mum or dad on the block.


As Urb-Es have a minimum age of 12, it’s a great way to show your child can be trusted to independently drive their own electric vehicle. We’re not suggesting a Tesla be their 13th Birthday present, but it is nice for kids to try something that they have to take responsibility for, especially if they know their younger sibling won’t be able to for another three years! Suckers!

Fun For You

Let’s be real, you want to make sure you’re having a great time at the birthday party too. And whilst it’s okay doing something easy, this is a chance for you to bond, celebrate, and try something you’ve never experienced! And who knows, maybe the next boys day or ladies lunch might need to include an Urb-E hire too.

Need help planning the best kids birthday party this year? Enquire today and our functions team will help you work out all the details of the coolest birthday party!

Or you can go ahead and instant book Urb-E hires for the whole birthday crowd! You’re always welcome to bring the cake and make a spread of it in the parklands.