3 Reasons Why Team Building Activities are Better Outdoors


Have you noticed lately that your employees don’t seem as motivated or aren’t interacting with one another the way you’d like to see? Group morale is down and maybe productivity has tanked with it. You’ve got to come up with something great to get everyone out of this work rut they’re stuck in and get them motivated again.

To keep your employees from hitting a brick wall with their creativity and get them back to working in a collaborative team setting, it might be time for an outdoor team building activity to refocus! The outdoors gives everyone energy and hits the reset button on the mind in order to get the juices flowing again. The outdoors is a great place to spread out and participate in group activities outside of the office setting. Plus, a picnic or BBQ on a beautiful day to go along with team building activities makes for an even more memorable work event experience.



Here are 3 reasons why your next team building activity should be outdoors:

Kayaking Team Building

  Ideas flow easier and departments learn from       each other in new ways.

The outdoors is somewhere where people feel comfortable and won’t feel the pressure of an office environment where the “nose to the grindstone 24/7” vibe is ever-present. Being outdoors for a team activity lets down the professional guard and prompts people to communicate and share ideas with coworkers they normally wouldn’t see or talk to on a consistent basis. Remember: new spaces with new people inspire new ideas! Spending time with coworkers that don’t normally interact with one another will bring about conversations about work (naturally), making it so that employees can learn something from one another and together they can improve the company as a whole. Being in a more casual space such as the outdoors enables employees to learn more, foster ideas for workplace improvements in different areas of the company, and make new friends! Employees will have a great time enjoying the outdoors with their coworkers while unknowingly building relationships that can help them work better together.

Boost team morale, strengths, and productivity with some Vitamin D in the outdoors.

Most people are not able to sit in one room all day and focus, let alone one desk! Getting employees out of the office and away from their desk to catch some vitamin D can be a huge boost for individual and team morale. Outdoor group activities can bring different strengths to your team that may not be brought in an office environment. Getting into nature and bonding with one another while doing group activities such as kayaking or rock climbing helps build team unity and communication organically. That can translate into working better as a group and having synergy back at the office. When you know someone personally and have participated in a fun outdoor adventure with them, you are more likely to work with them better in the office because your bond now goes beyond just “co-workers”. Getting out of the office and into nature gives the brain a much needed a break and refresh. Hitting a brick wall with work is the real deal, and sometimes the only way to get re-inspired is to get away from work for an afternoon and not think about it. Doing a fun outdoor activity with coworkers is the perfect way to step away from the desk in order to refocus on the goals. Your team may even find inspiration for their work through the outdoor challenges.

Incorporating multiple team building activities allows your team to explore each other’s strengths.

Outdoor team building activities give you have endless activities and challenges to choose from, giving you the most out of the team building experience. In the outdoors, there is something for everyone – from the adrenaline junkie to the smooth sailor, so it is safe to say that an outdoor team building activity will be a hit with most everyone. Challenging employees to try a new outdoor activity, work together to overcome physical barriers, and enjoy each other’s company will help give them a well-rounded team experience and leave them with a positive memory of working together.

Finding a way to help employees decompress from work is crucial if you want to continue having a healthy and happy workplace, and let’s face it – you can’t decompress from work at work. The outdoors is the ideal location for your next work event in Brisbane. You’ll experience better participation from your employees because you’re breaking them from their daily routine and keeping them entertained with activities they wouldn’t normally do during a workday.

You don’t need to go far in Brisbane to find a variety of outdoor team building activities and the perfect offsite meeting area. At Riverlife we offer team building activities such as kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, cycling, rollerblading, and outdoor laser tag. The Cannon Room is our premier offsite meeting room, located onsite and just steps from the river and adventure activities. Riverlife has been a functions centre for 13 years and is dedicated to providing the best team building experience in Brisbane.

Outdoor experiences tend to inspire creativity, increase higher energy levels, and increase productivity. Every workplace will have its ups and downs, but implementing outdoor team building activities into your companies schedule will boost morale and camaraderie between employees and make for a more effective and efficient work environment.

So what’s your plan for your next team building activity in Brisbane? Call Riverlife today for a private adventure team building booking and get your team out of that work rut!

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