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Boutique Weddings

October 7, 2020

When anything is described as boutique, the words often associated are ‘pricey’ and ‘small’. When it comes to boutique weddings the words that should come to your mind are ‘intimate’ and ‘personal’. 

The pros and cons of boutique weddings are all a matter of personal opinion. They won’t be well suited to every couple but done well, boutique weddings can be the most perfect way to get the most bang for your buck! 

The guest list of your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions any couple will make. The guest list can determine the budget very quickly – and there is a reason the term ‘guest list anxiety’ is so commonly used. 

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There is an infinite amount of ‘guest list rules’ that any couple would tell you they used but of course, you need to make your own. 

Here are some tips to cutting down your guest list: 

  1. If you haven’t seen or spoken to them in three years and you are not related to them, you don’t have to invite them.
  2. Want an adults-only wedding? Don’t feel bad not inviting children. It’s YOUR wedding! 
  3. If you only have someone on your list because you feel bad not inviting them (maybe just because a large amount of their friends are invited), you don’t have to invite them.

Every couple will create their own guest list rules but if you’re wanting to have a boutique wedding, there will need to be enough rules to keep that guest list small. 

Some of the biggest costs in a wedding can be your food and beverages when you have an extensive guest list. But just because you say you want a boutique wedding, doesn’t mean it has to feel cheap. 

By cutting down your guest list, not only do you make the wedding feel more intimate and a little cosier. Cutting down your guest list to your nearest and dearest allow you to allocate more of your budget to the styling and upgrades. 

Themes & Personality:

A boutique wedding always has its own personality, with the theming being similar to the personality of the couple. The most frequently used styling themes in boutique weddings are boho or rustic style.

Imagine, hanging greenery, exposed globe lighting installations, raw timber and plenty of pampas grass. These are classic wedding styling features when sticking to a boho or rustic theme. These styling features can also be very costly, but when you choose a smaller, more intimate venue there means less venue to style and leaves room for more opportunities. 

Some wedding venues come with in-built styling; whereas others are more of a blank canvas – allowing you to have full creative control. 

Riverlife features natural styling. The exposed cliff face on one side that is lit up at night, contrasts with the views of the lights from the open city reflecting on the river. All of the spaces at Riverlife offer unlimited styling opportunities. The roof is able to take large amounts of rigging for anything from chandeliers to floral installations. 

The opportunities are endless when you pick the right venue and cut down your guest list to have the perfect styling surrounded by even more perfect company. 

Remember! The guest list may be small – but the opportunities are HUGE!

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