I’m from the country – and although I miss the mountains of rolling green and patches of dense footage, I love Brisbane. I find my appetite for a natural aesthetic is oddly satisfied here. The must see places in Brisbane are also some of the best places to capture an incredible photo.As a photographer, I knew it was necessary to make the move to the big city to grow my business and my skills, but I was concerned about losing some of the beautiful leafy backdrops that I was used too. It’s now 6 years later and any reservations I once had for this city have long since melted away.I’ve made my nest in New Farm and have been lucky enough to spend my days exploring this incredible slice of Queensland, searching for the most aesthetic locations and experiences that make for awesome photo shoots. So whether you’re a fellow shutterbug or just want to explore Brisbane must see places, get amongst these incredible spaces.
new farm

New Farm

Look, maybe I am biased, but New Farm is simply the best. Alright, the park is a gorgeous spot for a portrait session, but the obvious winner is the Wilson Outlook Reserve. Staring across the Brisbane River, through the bridge, at the reflective glassy skyline, this spot is beautiful for photographs, reading a book or a good free date!

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Kangaroo Point

Literally the best view of the city Skyline – A totally awesome space for outdoor, physical photo shoots. I personally love the city as dusk watching the city light up in front of your eyes. Find a spot of peace, or take a sunset kayak tour with Riverlife Adventures!

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb 

I’m OBSESSED with the Brisbane Skyline, and a sunset climb up this landmark will not disappoint! Did you know it’s one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world! I like to take visiting friends to absolutely wow them with the view. The team at Story Bridge Adventure Climb are really nice, just call ahead of time and have a chat about what your photography options are as it can be a bit dangerous so high above the traffic.

Mount Cootha Gardens

What a magic spot and a top Brisbane must see! Planted with an array of native and tropical species, this garden hosts a majesty of perfect photo opps, as well as being an awesome spot for a picnic. There are deep jungly sections, delicate flower displays, large picturesque water features, Japanese gardens, wedding lawns, and magical weeping willow trees. This is a popular spot for wedding and engagement photo shoots, and for good reason.

Moreton Bay 

If you love the water, you can’t beat Tangalooma. The water is constantly clear, tranquil blue, and absolutely brimming with life. I love taking my Go-Pros, or drone out to the island, to really capture the beauty of this magical eco-reserve. With the water usually being quite calm its perfect to enjoy a swim or snorkel in!

This vibrant city has so much to offer – to locals and travelers alike. So if you’re looking for your next Aussie adventure, come to Brisbane and get amongst it! You won’t regret these Brisbane msut see spots!