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Brisbane’s Great Adventure Pass

October 28, 2021

It’s Riverlife’s way of saying Thanks for a whole year!

This annual pass is the perfect gift for Brisbane locals who love to get out and about and entertain friends who visit, and it’s Brisbane’s best value yearly adventure experience and fitness pass ever!

We are following in the success of the Great Queensland Getaway promotion with a year’s worth of adventure value for less than the cost of a single day’s activities.

Redeem your expired Great Queensland Getaway Promo Code with Riverlife or if you didn’t get a promo code, use the promo code Save100 to receive $100 off Brisbane’s Great Adventure Pass.

Brisbane’s Great Adventure Pass allows you to bring a friend to the Riverlife Adventure Centre at Kangaroo Point to go kayaking, cycling or rollerblading on and around the Brisbane River, or to bring a friend to Walkabout Creek Adventures at Enoggera Reservoir (D’Aguilar National Park) to go stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking on the freshwater dam.

As a huge thank you to the residents of Brisbane and Southeast Queensland for supporting us through the health crisis, Riverlife owner John (Sharpey) Sharpe wants you all to enjoy adventure experiences with your friends in your own beautiful City of Brisbane.

Imagine kayaking with a new friend every day for a whole year, discovering the Brisbane River or hiring bikes, rollerblades or our very own Urb-Es (sit down electric scooters) whenever you want with any friend you choose.

brisbane adventure pass
brisbane adventure pass
brisbane adventure pass

Brisbane’s Great Adventure Pass Inclusions:

  • Borrow equipment with a friend
  • 2hr kayak hire at Riverlife Adventure Centre – Naval Stores Kangaroo Point
  • 2hr kayak hire or stand-up paddle board hire at Walkabout Creek Adventures – Enoggera Reservoir
  • 2hr rollerblades hire
  • 6hr bike hire
  • 1hr URB-E hire
  • Save 20% on all tours and water bikes
  • Family pass available for $299 (up to five people) and save $100 with a promo code

Brisbane’s Great Adventure Pass is simple to redeem. Simply use the promo code “Save100” during checkout when you select the “buy now” button. 

A huge thank you to all those local visitors who have helped us through the health crisis.

Enjoy Brisbane for a year!

John Sharpe (Sharpey)
Riverlife & Walkabout Creek Adventures, Owner & Founder

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