“There’s an exciting new way to explore the kangaroo cliff shores and soak in the scenic city skyline. The Urb-E is a fun new trend to scoot around with your friends. If you are tired of walking along the river in the summer heat or want to enjoy the beauty of Kangaroo Point in a fun way, come check it out at Riverlife.


Meet the Urb-E: the fun new way to explore the kangaroo cliffs. Starting at the Riverlife centre, these new zero emission scooters are perfect for cruising along and enjoying the sights of the city skyline.


Ride along the river on dedicated bike lines either north to Captain Burke Park and the iconic Story Bridge, or head toward beautiful South Bank.


Urb-E can be controlled like a bicycle via the handlebars, but you can also shift your weight to make it move in any direction, literately nothing can compare with the feeling of cruising with Urb-E featuring with the unmatched river and city views as well as the beautiful Kangaroo Point cliffs.


Perfect for kids (12 and up) and adults, these exciting new scooters have a range of up to 32km and a top speed of 25kph. So they can take you wherever you want to explore.