Congratulations! You’ve found yourself on an Urb-E, Brisbane’s best brand-new experience. You’ve had your safety briefing and you’re raring to go on you’re very own DIY Urb-E Tour! Problem is, you’re split for choice on where to head next. Well lucky for you, we have some pointers on what to do in Brisbane on your Urb-E hire!

Things To Do Kangaroo Point

In our home suburb, you have two great options.

Turn right out of Riverlife and head towards Captain Burke Park and the Story Bridge. This is a great option if you’re yet to see this iconic Brisbane landmark and wish to spin your wheels in some open spaces. You can even continue onto dockside, which is a beautiful spot – especially for those who are into boats!

Alternatively, you can turn left out of Riverlife and head towards the Kangaroo Point Cliffs! This is where we run all our amazing heights activities, like Abseiling and Rock Climbing! But the cliffs aren’t just for adventure junkies. History buffs will love checking out the geological phenomenon that is the cliffs and think back to how they would have looked pre-British settlement and pre-quarry mining. Don’t think there would have been quite so many rock climbers in those days, but you might have been more likely to see a Kangaroo or two! Not so many kangaroos on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs nowadays, unfortunately.

Things To Do Brisbane CBD

At Riverlife, we’re so lucky to be so close to Brisbane’s city centre, whilst still being able to experience so many adventures! And now, with the Urb-Es, the city is closer than ever! Which is a good thing, seeing as there’s more things popping up in Brisbane every day.

Why not ride around to Eagle Street Pier and check out some awesome dining options? Cha Cha Char is a premier steakhouse and Sake is an amazing Japanese food experience; it’s hard to pick one!

Or keep riding round to the new pride and joy of Brisbane, Howard Smith Wharves. Whether you’re in the mood for a coffee and croissant at Harry’s, or a Fish & Chips at Felons Brewing Co, Howard Smith Wharves have got you covered and then some. All of that, with a spectacular view under the Story Bridge. Definitely worth an insta shot #urbeautiful

Don’t forget that you can always collapse your Urb-e and sit it next to you as you have a drink or bite to eat! This is just the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even touched on Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens! But that’ll have to wait until your Best of Brisbane Urb-E Tour! Why not book one in for when you’re next visiting relative is in town? You know what they say, come for the Urb-E, stay for the free coffee!