First Time Abseiler: The Beginners Review! 

I had been working for Riverlife for nearly 8 months when I finally got the courage to walk myself off a cliff (AKA: Abseil)! But I did it! Now I’m a new person, I’m healthier, my hair is shinnier, people stop me in the street to ask my what my secret is for my glowing skin. It’s amazing. (Ok not really, but I FEEL IT OK.)

So if you want to give Abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs a go, but you’re a little scared, this is for you. If you have no fear but want to laugh at my freak out as I attempt to abseil, this is also for you…. I guess.

It’s the cliiiimmmbbbbb                            

As the great philosopher Miley Cyrus said, “it’s not about how fast I get there, it’s not about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb”. Well, you best believe you’re starting your abseil by climbing the Kangaroo Point stairs! You have approximately 107 stairs to consider the fact that some people run those stairs for fun…. I know, I was shocked too. Ok, you made it to the top, you’re a little winded, but you’re pretending you’re fine.


Suit up!

Your Riverlife guide will let you know how to suit up! There are harness, helmets and gloves to get you looking SCHMICK! It’s worth noting at this point that the harness will really help you to look like Kimmy K in the rear department. Photos are optional and the only answer to “does my butt look big in this?” is “yassss, get it girl!”.  Maybe we should start pitching our abseiling gear to Paris Fashion Week?

Listen to the instructor

As someone who was frequently coming home with report cards that said “could do well to listen more and talk less”, this is a big call from me. But, I’m making it. Your instructor has some important information about your ability to walk backwards off a cliff for fun, boys and girls. Safety first as they say! Don’t be a muppet like me and put your helmet on backwards either.


Let it begin!

By “it” I mean my freak out as I stand on the edge of the cliff and Ed tells me to “just lean back”.  This is by far the scariest part of the abseil and also the most exhilarating! You essentially have to go against everything that gravity and your body has ever told you and lean backwards off the cliff! In the few seconds (or minutes, if you’re holding on to Ed for dear life like me) it takes you to lean backwards in order from your rope to go from slack to tight, you will likely be terrified. But the instant that you realise that rope/Ed is holding you tight, it will be the best someone’s held you in years.

Get your Tom Cruise on!

You’re an abseiling pro now, you’ve done the hard bit, now you just get to enjoy! All you’ve gotta do is just walk or bounce down the cliff! Gradually let the rope ease out of your hand and enjoy the descent! Whether you go quick or slow it’s totally up to you, just don’t forget to turn around catch a glimpse of that incredible Brisbane skyline view!


Oh god, not again.

Yep, time to walk back up those stairs so that you can go again….

This climb is an incredible one to do for your first time round! The perfect introduction to abseiling! You get the rush, the view and the descent, without being intimidated by a 100m cliff face!  Walking down the cliff is easy peasy lemon squeezey! So, if like me, you’ve been procrastinating doing an abseil – now’s your time! If I can do it, you can too! And as Ed says, “it’s the perfect activity for someone who’s trying to get past something! Because you realise the first step is that hardest, the next bit comes naturally and it feels bloody good at the end of it!”.

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