Planning a corporate event for the holidays may seem like a challenge, but the results will be well worth the effort. Besides, you and your employees have worked hard all year for a well deserved night of celebrations.

A corporate event brings inspiration to a company and motivates its employees to perform well for the upcoming year. Your holiday event will be the perfect opportunity to host a product launch, inform your employees about exciting changes in your organisation, or to celebrate all of your success and accomplishments as a whole from this past year.

Below are some easy-to-follow tips and tricks for planning a successful corporate event for the holidays.

Define Your Objectives and Purpose

If you were given the task of planning your company’s holiday event, it is vital to identify the goals and mission of the event. Think about the tone that you want to set and how you would like the event to resonate with the attendees. Present guests with the opportunity to do something fun, memorable, and entertaining! To ensure the event goes off without a hitch, map out which topics and points are a must to cover during your event. Be sure to create an itinerary for your guests so that they have an idea of the event’s flow.


Since this is a corporate event, don’t waste time allocating funds in your budget for decorations. Focus more on the elements that will make your employees and other attendees happy. Invest your money on things like food, drink, activities, vendors, and the venue. When summarising your projected expenses, reference your past event expense sheets and new event programs to efficiently set this year’s event budget.

Create a Guest List and Invitations

Compiling your guest list should be a breeze. Be sure to account for all individuals in each department across your organisation and potentially their partners. If this is an end of the year celebration, it is a great idea to invite your sponsors and other business constituents so they can participate in the festivities.

Creating, sending, and managing event invitations has never been easier with the use of technology. Utilising an online ticketing platform for these services will allow you to manage your RSVPs efficiently and effectively. Include dress attire in your invitation so that your attendees know what to expect, especially if you’ve planned some informal activities.

Choose the Perfect Location

Deciding upon the right place for your event can be a long process considering all of the options out there. To narrow down the choices, decide on what will work best for the needs of your event. We are at the peak of our warm season, so offering your attendees an inside and outside experience will be a crucial factor in the success of your event.

Riverlife Brisbane is a one-stop shop for all things that involve a great time! Riverlife breaks the mold from traditional corporate event functions with their adventure and corporate function offerings. Riverlife’s corporate event package includes a BYO allowance, six unique event spaces, as well as interactive activities for team building or additional entertainment for your guests. The venue hire allows you to focus on having a fun and eventful time without worrying about the need to contract outside vendors.


This is the perfect opportunity to let loose and connect with the individuals in your organisation on a different level. During your corporate event, take the time to network and bond with your associates.  Get to know those you haven’t had the chance to talk with much or have yet to even meet.  It won’t be hard to find similarities with those who actively participate in all of the fun activities planned.

Corporate celebrations should be engaging and informational while highlighting your successes as a company and the accomplishments of employees. Take the time to plan out your next corporate event and find the perfect location that sets the tone for the event and activities.

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