The thought of allowing your kids to dangle off a cliff, suspended only by rope, might be enough to make your stomach turn. But both rock climbing and abseiling offer much more than a shot of adrenaline. These activities can do wonders in building character and is a new and exciting form of exercise.

Another pro? You can be right alongside them if you choose to embark on these activities with them, or you can cheer on from above/below, snapping pics against the beautiful Brisbane skyline, creating memories that you will all cherish for a lifetime.


First things first, you need to know just how safe rock climbing and abseiling are. At Riverlife, our all-inclusive packages provide you with high quality equipment, including all the necessary harnesses, carabiners, ropes, gloves, etc. All of which will be double checked by our experienced and trained instructors before your kids get even close to the cliffs edge.

There are many different routes up the cliff face which will cater to different age groups and skill levels so rest assured, we won’t be forcing your 8-year old up the hardest section of the cliff face right after their introductory briefing.


Both rock-climbing and abseiling will teach your kids how to face challenges head-on and will build confidence as well as self-esteem too! Once they reach solid ground they’ll be able to say, “I did it” and will be incredibly chuffed with themselves as they look up/down at that 20m cliff face. As they overcome their fears, they will build confidence within themselves and with each session running for approx. 90 minutes, your kids will have the opportunity to do it all again!

It’s no surprise that in this modern world, independence is a trait that seems harder to instil with each passing generation. By throwing your kids (not literally) into the Kangaroo Point cliffs, you will be forcing them to plan, problem solve and work on their decision-making skills. For the rock climbers, the process of scaling up the cliffs will see them planning, step-by-step, which rock to grab onto next. If they’ve picked a tricky route up the rocks, they’ll have to problem-solve their way around it! For those abseilers, the biggest problem will be that 20m drop… with every natural instinct and centuries of biological evolution warning them against letting themselves careen off the cliff. They’ll learn to face their fears and just go for it!

Do your kids never seem to listen to you? Sorry, but odds are, they’ll listen to us. Communication is a very important part of both rock climbing and abseiling, as our instructors will assist in guiding your offspring up and down the cliffs. If they find themselves dangling with nowhere to go, they’ll have to listen out for the instructor’s instructions on which rock to use as handhold, or which ledge they can get a leg-up on. And with any luck they’ll (hopefully) be better listeners at home too!


Now to the more obvious. Rock climbing and abseiling are both physically demanding. The 90-minute sessions are going to make your kids sweat and they’ll walk away from the full body strength and cardio workout buzzing with endorphins!

Come on down to Riverlife 

Rock climbing and abseiling with Riverlife is great for a family day out and will be awesome self-development for your little mini-me’s. The experience will leave no room for your kids to whine and whinge about spending quality time as a family, and you’ll score some brownie points as they will have new pics to post on their socials (don’t forget to tag us!).

COOL BONUS: Kangaroo Point Cliffs is a great spot to just chill out, after the abseil session you can set up a BBQ or picnic and watch the sunset over Brisbane.