Outdoor Team Building Activities to Help Your Team Reconnect!


is your team stuck? Unmotivated? Stagnant? Are you looking to boost team spirit and increase productivity? it’s time for you to try outdoor team building activities!

No matter your occupation, age or gender, the outdoors is sure to boost everyone’s energy, ignite motivation and reset the mind to get those creative juices flowing. 

To help you find the perfect activity, we have complied a list of some fun and thrilling outdoor activities you and your team can do together. In fact, they are so fun that you’ll forget that you are building your teamwork skills!

Located in the heart of Brisbane, Riverlife Adventure Centre is the perfect outdoor space for you and your team to relax and connect through group activities outside of the office setting. Riverlife offers a great range of team building activities and packages designed specifically for corporate team building. These packages include a mix of outdoor activities with optional catering!

Group Kayaking

For this activity, you and your team will jump into some kayaks, soak up the sunshine and paddle along the Brisbane River to view the city from a whole new perspective. Our fully qualified instructors will guide you through the entire experience and make sure you are safe and comfortable on the water.

Each participant will get their own kayak but together will make the exciting journey down the river. For some, kayaking is a thrilling experience and for others it is nerve-racking. Encouragement and team morale are crucial for this activity.

Group Abseiling

Take team bonding to new heights and embark on a group abseiling adventure! As you stand on top of the 20m high Kangaroo Point cliffs and admire the stunning Brisbane CBD and river views, our expert instructors will help your team to make the daring descent down the cliffside.

This experience will undoubtably require support, encouragement, and motivation of one another. For some, this activity is a huge opportunity to conquer a fear of heights and is a rewarding way to not only reconnect with the group, but to get to know your teammates like never before.

Rock Climbing

Whether you’re a first timer or a tried-and-true expert in rock climbing, as a team you will tackle the Kangaroo Point cliffs while cheering each other on. Riverlife’s experienced team will prep and brief the group prior to the climb so you feel ready and confident to take on the cliffs.

This is a challenging activity which can not only spark your colleagues’ fear of heights but also test their fitness levels. This fun and stimulating activity provides vital opportunities to fully immerse yourselves in the team bonding aspect of the adventure. With the enthusiastic support of the whole team, each team member will make it to the top with ease and be able to relax and they enjoy the views while they’re up there.

Water Bikes

Jump on board Riverlife’s newest water sport, the Water Bikes! This activity is the chilliest and cruisiest of them all and is ideal for a relaxing day out of the office. Simply jump on the bike and pedal your way along the Brisbane River while admiring the CBD views.

Have a chat to your colleagues and spend some quality time together as you work on your team building skills without knowing it. Pedal along as a team, navigate your way along the river, and laugh with each other as you explore the outdoors.

Treasure Hunt

Reconnect your teams to the max with a treasure hunt! This activity is the ultimate team building activity with the opportunity to build strong bonds and connect with the competitive and determined sides of your teammates!

Together you will be required to plan, navigate and problem solve. Exactly what would occur within the normal workplace however a treasure hunt can add an edge of fun and ease to the activity. This can be adapted to any CDB, coastal or parkland venue desired. Click here for some ideas or plan your own from scratch.

Amazing Race

Similar to a treasure hunt, however as the name suggests this requires you to race your way to the finish line and beat all the other competing teams while having the time of your life! This popular outdoor team building activity is jam packed full of fun challenges and always provides something for everyone no matter age or fitness!

For maximum team building, this activity could be completed in individual workplace teams to strengthen the way they work together in and out of the office. Check out Brisbane Amazing Race for more!

These outdoor team building activities are fantastic ways to stimulate true team bonding and to reconnect through authentic friendships! Nothing like a relaxing day out of the typical office environment to get to know each other in a relaxed sense rather than in the hustle and bustle of daily tasks and deadlines. All of the suggested activities are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and provide an enjoyable and motivating experience guaranteed to build rapport and boost office productivity. 

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