“Ashleigh McConnell and myself, both amputees have had Brisbane rock climbing on our list of things to do for months. As recent Paralympic medalists, we felt we could tackle any challenge”.

Staring up at the rock climbing cliff on Kangaroo Point, we realised we may have overestimated our abilities. Thankfully our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide James was just as committed as we were to find a way to the top.

Ashleigh, a congenital arm amputee was the first to reach the summit, after a relentless effort setting the bar high for myself. I wear a prosthetic leg, a challenge for myself and James, but with encouragement from Ash and handy tips from James, I eventually reached the top.

The view was breathtaking and rewarding. Our morning with Riverlife was truly a highlight of your holiday and their friendly hospitality will have us coming back again. Rock climbing wasn’t a walk in the park but the view was worth the effort and provided us with an enjoyable and memorable day in the heart of Brisbane. If we can conquer the wall- anyone can!!