There’s nothing like exploring the Brisbane CBD in all its glory on a sunny summer’s Brisbane day! Strolling in the sun all day however can be exhausting, so why not save all of the effort and hire an URB-E. That’s exactly what we decided to do, and we have to say, once you try it you never want to walk anywhere ever again!

If you’re not familiar with zooming around on an URB-E, it’s pretty much like riding a bike or a scooter. This one however does all the work for you; all you have to do is press go. If you love exploring the outdoors, riding bikes, scooters, skating or any of those fancy electric modes of transport then this is for you.

I took an URB-E out and about myself to see what all the fuss was about. After zooming around Brisbane CBD for the day and realising how great these things really are, I put together a great little Itinerary for you to follow. If you’re looking for a great date or hangout idea or just wishing to explore Brisbane city more this summer, then this one’s for you! Not too confident with riding bikes in public? Don’t stress one bit! All of the tracks I followed have large designated bike paths so you can be as fast or slow as you wish without disturbing others.

To start…

We went down to Riverlife in Kangaroo Point and hired out two URB-Es for the day at the cost of $35.00 each. Here they showed us how to use the bikes including all of the controls and the breaks before handing us our helmets and sending us on our way. If you’re craving a little pick-me-up, you can grab a quick coffee, drink or snack from the Gustave coffee van outside of Riverlife before your big adventure.

We commenced our journey on the bike tracks directly outside of Riverlife and followed them all the way to South Bank. This part of the track was nice and quiet meaning it was the perfect place to get used to riding the URB-E and familiarising ourselves with the speed. Furthermore, this path provided amazing river and city views while being slightly tucked away in the cool foliage. 

About 10 minutes later we approached the Griffith Film School where the outer edges of South Bank are. From here we followed the bike path onto a small road which led us around a bend and onto the start of the South bank river path. 

South Bank…

Right away we found a beautiful and shady patch of grass which seemed to be a popular spot for many puppies and families to hang out and admire the views. Right across from this shady spot are a row of restaurants and cafes which you can stop at for a snack or a cool drink. Instead, we refuelled on a cool piece of fruit before heading on our way. When leaving we took note of the entrance to the Goodwill Bridge, a pedestrian and cyclist bridge, which we would come back to later.

The expansive path along the river takes you all the way through the gems of South Brisbane including South Bank, the art galleries, the museum and the Cultural Centre. We went ahead and cruised along the path down by the river and stopped at various random locations for photos and to admire the scenery. The breathtaking Brisbane river and city centre views along this path provides heaps of great photo opportunities if you’re wanting a snap for the gram. There were a few times when hopped off our URB-Es and walked with them beside us, either because there was “no bike” signage or because we wanted to explore on foot. An attraction which I would recommend checking out here which also provided a reprieve from the hot sun was the South Bank Rainforest Walk. You will be surrounded with a canopy of tropical trees and shrubs with peaceful water features. The perfect interlude before taking off again. 


After cruising around for over an hour and soaking up the sun we decided it was time for a break. We dismounted our URB-Es and strolled into Grey Street, further inland away from the Parklands and the river. We found a café and an outside table where we indulged in some tasty burgers; URB-Es sitting beside us the whole time.

After a feed and an icy cold drink, we were ready to rock-and-roll again. We made our way back to the path along the river and URB-E’d our way to the Goodwill Bridge we spotted earlier in our day.

While crossing the bridge be sure to stop for a fabulous photo opportunity. There’s a small viewing platform designed for patrons to stop at for a quick snap or to simply admire the spectacular views. Once we captured some insta-ready snaps we continued down the other side of the bridge which pops out at the QUT Gardens Point campus, right next to the City Botanic Gardens.

City Botanic Gardens…

Once we cruised up the side of the campus and found an entrance to the gardens, we entered a lush rainforest paradise. It was the perfect escape from the hot Brisbane afternoon. Be sure to spend some quality time here to explore the forest, and all of the mystic paths which lead you to new sections of the gardens.

As you cruise along the paths you will eventually find the main bike path which follows the river all the way into the Brisbane CBD. We stopped to admire the pristine river and Story Bridge views before heading into the main gardens area of the Botanic Gardens. We chilled out on the grassy patches here for a while, however, feel free to go your own way and spend as much time exploring as you please.

Exploring the Brisbane CBD…

Once we’d had enough of exploring the gardens, we found the main bike path again and followed it into the city centre where we were sure to dismount the URB-Es when no bike signage popped up. We strolled through the Brisbane city, still following the river and eventually found our way to Eagle Street.

If you’re needing to wrap the day up here, feel free to ride along Eagle Street and follow your phone maps, only if you need, to the Story Bridge. From here you can cross the bridge back into Kangaroo Point and follow the Brisbane river back to Riverlife.

If you’re not ready to wrap your day up just yet, use this opportunity to explore Brisbane CBD and any of the sights you’re eager to see!

If you are there on a Wednesday, be sure to check out the The Brisbane City Markets right in the city centre next to Queen Street Mall! From there, feel free to explore the mall at your leisure with your URB-E by your side. If the long day of exploring in the hot sun calls for an ice-cream, pop into a gelato store on the mall to indulge in while you stroll.

On the way back…

When you’re ready to rock and roll again, jump back on your URB-Es and find your way back to the Goodwill Bridge where you’ll cross over back into South Bank, making sure to glance back at the view one last time. If you’re not too sure where to go, whip out your phone maps and check it out on there! From here we followed the same way back to Riverlife as we came, through South Bank and into Kangaroo Point.  

When you finally reach Riverlife hand your URB-E and helmet back to the lovely reception staff. I’m sure by this point when you’re walking out of Riverlife you’ll wish you had an URB-E to scoot you home after a long day! The good news is, is that you can hire these babies out whenever you wish! In fact, Riverlife offer a weekly hire for $89, so you can zoom to and from work, the coffee shop or anywhere else in no time! Alternatively, you can hire them out a day at a time whenever you wish.

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