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Team building: there’s a method to the madness.

March 29, 2023

Team building: there’s a method to the madness.

I once saw a LinkedIn post which read,

“Would you rather receive a pay rise or work within a positive workplace?”

Both a pay raise and a positive workplace can have valuable benefits. But if I were to rephrase the question to read,

“Would you rather have a rewarding high once a year or feel included and accepted in a team all year long?”

…I think a majority of people would pass up on the pay rise.

When you have a good team that creates a positive workplace environment, you feel like you belong.

A good team can bring excitement to work. Whereas a bad team can make you consider finding a new job – no matter how much you are getting paid.

It is fundamental to our well-being to have a place where we can be ourselves and be appreciated for who we are.

Whether you love or hate them, team-building exercises remind us that people are more than their jobs. Many workplaces are fast-paced, with deadlines to meet and tasks to complete. This tends to leave little time for socialising and building relationships with colleagues.

Even our own assumptions and biases can contribute towards forgetting that co-workers are more than their jobs. For example, someone may assume that a quiet or introverted co-worker is not interested in a chat because they won’t be the first to greet you. It is hard to understand someone’s personality traits or interests that go beyond their role in the workplace, let alone having to work with them!

Team-building promotes inclusion. It provides a space of acceptance and belonging. It essentially is a reminder to recognise the multifaceted identities of each and every co-worker to make for a better workplace.

To actually get people excited for team-building days can be challenging. Depending on the industry, business or job, they don’t always have a good rep. Employees may be hesitant or sceptical about these types of days. They may perceive team-building exercises as cheesy or forced, leading to disengagement and negative feelings among team members.

The effectiveness of a team building day/organised activity depends on several factors, such as the type of activity, the goals and objectives of the team building event, and the size and makeup of the team.

Here are a few tips we have found to make sure your team-building exercises are an enjoyable and engaging day for everyone involved.
  1. Choose the right activity: Select a fun, engaging, and meaningful activity. Consider the interests and preferences of your team members and choose an activity that aligns with those. For example, if your team members are competitive, choose an activity that involves friendly competition or if they enjoy being outdoors, choose an activity that takes place outside.
  2. Communicate the purpose and benefits: Clearly communicate the purpose and benefits of the team building day to your team. Explain how the activity will help to improve communication, collaboration, and teamwork, and how this can lead to better job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success for the team and the company.
  3. Create a positive atmosphere: Make sure the atmosphere of the day is positive and engaging. Consider providing refreshments or snacks, playing upbeat music, or incorporating elements of fun and humour into the activity.
  4. Celebrate successes: Celebrate team successes and milestones throughout the activity, and afterwards too. This will help build morale, boost motivation and reinforce the event’s positive impact.
  5. Follow up with feedback: Collect feedback from your team after the event to understand their thoughts and suggestions for future team-building activities. Incorporating their feedback in future activities can help to keep the team engaged, and make sure the activity is well received in the future.
Co-workers are more than their job.

That feels pretty obvious to say, but it’s rather easy to forget. When it comes to being a part of an effective and successful team, it is invaluable to know someone’s personality traits or interests that go beyond their role in the workplace. Work can be a significant part of a person’s life, yet it does not define their entire identity.

Team-building can work magic to cultivate a sense of belonging. It can also be the only opportunity to connect with certain co-workers who may share your interests, values, or goals. By following these tips, you can create a positive, engaging and memorable team-building day, which can have lasting benefits for your team and the company.

Here at  Riverlife, we have a variety of team-building activities that are designed to build stronger relationships and foster a sense of belonging by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Take a look at our Team Building Packages on our page: here


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