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The best school excursions in Brisbane

February 10, 2022

“Anything you can teach in an indoor classroom can be taught outdoors, often in ways that are more enjoyable for children.”

~ Cathy James (American writer)

Looking for school excursion ideas in Brisbane? Are your students able to remember their last school trip in BrisbaneThis time, would you like something fun but educational, challenging but safe, something they won’t forget! Riverlife has the perfect school excursion packages for Brisbane students.


school excursions in Brisbane
In 2022, get them back outdoors

Like every other large city in Australia, Brisbane has been hit by COVID-19 with several waves and lockdowns. Families have had to stay home to protect their loved ones. Frustration has accumulated, our children have been patiently waiting for better days and they are now thirsty for the outdoors!

The 2019-2021 pandemic has taught our children and some of us patience, resilience and humility. What will 2022 teach us?

Well, at Riverlife we have a few ideas! What about coordination, leadership and courage?  We have developed action-packed school excursions where young students can learn while exercising, experience while having fun and discover their city under new angles!

If you were looking for great school excursion ideas in Brisbane, you found it! We craft adventure-packed days where they can safely experience new heights on a rock climb, face their fears on an abseil, conquer the river on a kayak and speed their way around on rollerblades! A great alternative to school camps and overnight activity programs, these adventure-based activities offer teachers a perfect occasion for outdoor education. 

Who are we? Thanks for asking! Riverlife is Brisbane’s ultimate adventure centre, with over 15 years of experience delivering an amazing range of outdoor experiences to Brisbane locals and tourists alike. Some know us for our stunning waterfront venues where we cater for memorable functions and events. In operation since 2004, we have delivered over a million fun and safe adventure activities in thousands of school excursions from our base ‘The Heritage Listed Naval Stores built in 1887’ at the foot of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

brisbane school holidays

Adventure-based school excursions to develop students’ skills

So what are these great school excursions in Brisbane?

Thanks to our experienced team, quality equipment and knowledge of Brisbane, we have, over the years, fine-tuned the creation of ultimate day packages for school teachers looking for something different. Choosing among six different activities, educators can accompany students out of their comfort zones and teach them resilience, teamwork and leadership skills which can hardly be achieved in the classroom environment.

River Kayaking

Bring your students in contact with the water, show them that their kayak speed relies on their efforts, coordination and technique. They will navigate their way down the ‘Brown Snake’, through wind and water, gaining a great practical understanding of aerodynamics and motion. Kayaking the Brisbane river is also a fantastic way to see the sights of their city from a completely different perspective. That’s a school trip they will remember!

Rock climbing

Who knew we can climb in a natural setting in Brisbane? Allow your students to taste adrenaline while understanding heights, body weight and coordination. Give them the opportunity to learn how to safely manage their equipment in expert hands. They will work as a team, supporting each other to ascend the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. These cliffs stretch for an incredible three kilometres and offer a range of climbing grades from beginner to expert climbers. Not only will reaching the top give them an incredible feeling of accomplishment but it will also give them breathtaking, panoramic views of Brisbane!


What goes up, must come down! How about a controlled descent over a vertical drop? Students, one, two, three… abseil!

Stepping off the edge, 20 metres from the parkland below, standing back makes one really feel their own body weight, an experience of balancing their position against the drop below, and all of that perfectly secured. Our guide does all the heavy lifting, all the participant needs to do is feed the rope through their hand and slowly walk down. Don’t worry, everything is explained and demonstrated prior to the activity. Riverlife has been in operation for more than 15 years, and has an impeccable safety record.

For youngsters, the natural law of gravity will never be as realistic to them as on this day. Watching the iconic Brisbane River while letting trust overcome natural instinct is a unique and truly memorable sensation that can be experienced from the age of 8.

Rollerblades and bikes

For an interesting and memorable educational trip, take them out in their own city! With bikes or rollerblades, let’s go along the river, past the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and onto South Bank or even over the Goodwill Bridge. Taking them around Kangaroo Point with wheels on their feet and exploring Brisbane in the ultimate express lane will definitely make you the best teacher of the year! They can feel the freedom with the world spinning around them while understanding speed, acceleration, deceleration and coordination.


If rollerblades and bikes don’t impress them, then go for the water bikes! Perch them atop the mighty Brisbane River to experience Brisbane with the river literally at their feet. Our water bikes are incredibly easy to use (no experience needed) and suitable for all fitness levels. Here too, coordination is the key to motion and distance calculation can be the takeaway lesson. Everybody wears a lifejacket, although nobody needs to get wet. Our water bikes are extremely stable, they would practically have to jump in to get wet, which they won’t!



After physics, mathematics and sports, time for a History and Geography school excursion in Brisbane. Wouldn’t it be great for students to explore around Brisbane to re-discover the main buildings and learn about their History? Yes, with something other than the bus and the city traffic.

Have you heard of the new electric bike in town? It has a top speed of 25kph and can travel up to 30km per full charge. An URB-E is the perfect choice to upskill from classic bikes and grow up to become a responsible driver. It is a great way to get some fresh air with their classmates and get to know their city. After a little brief-and-training session, they are good to go! What a field trip to remember!



Curriculum compliant educational trip

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

~ Mark Van Doren (American poet and writer)

You got it, fun is important, but it is not all about fun!

These curriculum-based excursion programs for Year 5 to 10 students and leadership activities for Year 11 & 12 students provide both challenge and adventure. They move students outside their comfort zone with a wide range of experiences that all have lessons to link to. These programs are a true learning experience and contribute to personal development and cross-curricular requirements of the Australian Curriculum. Our qualified instructors have years of experience in delivering high quality outdoor education programs in line with the Australian Curriculum.

The Health and Physical Education curriculum aims to offer experiential learning and details on its website : ‘’relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate’’ activities. It also states there that the curriculum encourages the ‘’acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies that enable students to participate in a range of physical activities confidently and competently.’’ 

Riverlife’s school excursions’ adventure days are conceived for teachers to help their students develop their resilience, strong sense of self, build and maintain satisfying relationships with their classmates and make health-enhancing decisions in relation to their physical activity participation.

We assist teachers in bringing students to different environments such as the river, the cliffs, the cycling lanes and giving them equipment to master. By challenging students to move and handle their body in different ways and speeds, we aim to develop their knowledge, comprehension and skills to understand basic sciences and their implications in their lives.


COVID-safe school excursions in Brisbane

And what about COVID safety?

Riverlife’s outdoor educational activities have the convenience of students returning home each day, which limits the risk of contagion. Moreover, we have implemented strict cleaning protocols for equipment and our experienced instructors enforce a ‘no physical contact or competition between students’ policy.

Our COVID Safe Approved Precautions protect against the Delta Strain of COVID-19. Class/Year groups may have their own separate outdoor space for the day with no new risks introduced and activities are conducted in small groups as per school requirements. Our Approved COVID Safe Plans limit the number of people coming together in organised sport and active recreation.

In our school excursions, activities are outdoors, with social distancing possible for experiences and lunch breaks as per school requirements. All activities can be conducted with face masks if required by Government regulations. Our venue is completely outdoor with open side shelters and a very generous COVID safe occupant capacity limit. We operate in line with all current restrictions in place for Brisbane as set out by the Queensland Chief Health Officer. In addition, all participants use the Queensland Covid Check-in App and we have excellent health and hygiene procedures with plenty of face masks and hand sanitiser available.

No need to go far from home to get a beneficial educational field trip, Brisbane is such a fun, vibrant city with plenty of adventures our kids can enjoy while learning and staying safe. Thanks to Kangaroo cliffs, our beautiful river, with our high standard equipment and in the expert hands of our guides, we can help you create the ultimate school trip in Brisbane, tailor-made for your students.

If you are an educator who believes that providing the right conditions makes the learning happen, then give us a call. Choose among our packages and offer them the chance to experience an outstanding day where learning is an adventure.


By our french guest blogger.

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