Riverfire is the end of a month long celebration of all that Brisbane is! It is the epitome of going out with a bang, with a fireworks display to rival New Years! So why not choose the most exclusive spot in town with unobstructed views of the action to watch from?

Riverlife promises the best views and can guarantee it as we are located on the waterfront with no skyscrapers and unit blocks to obstruct the astonishing display of fireworks. But just the views are nothing in comparison to being so close to the action – did you know that helicopters fly straight past us? Fireworks bang above us? You even feel the rumble from the F/18s! It’s a full sensory experience and we at Riverlife make sure that your night is pure entertainment from start to finish.

As it is our 11th year of hosting an event for Riverfire, be sure to know that we have got the schedule down-pat. You won’t miss a minute of the action as we carefully structure the night’s festivities around the ceremonious end to the Brisbane Festival.

September 2019 also marks Riverlife’s 15th birthday operating out of the iconic Naval Stores. This impressive structure dates back to the end of the 19th Century and we are proud to call it our home. So be sure that our celebrations will be bigger and better than ever before!

Riverlife has the best party to attend this Riverfire; we have an all inclusive event with food, drinks, DJs and of course the most spectacular vista point in all of Brisbane. This event is not one to miss, so get that gang together and book your tickets here!

The Riverfire countdown is on with 1 week to go!
Don’t sit on your balcony at home km’s away with fingernail sized fireworks, when you can be here where the fireworks literally fill the sky!

Riverfire at Riverlife Testimonials
“easily the best view in Brisbane, the jets are so close the roar rattled my drink!”
“unparalleled location for Riverfire, having the cityscape as a backdrop for the fireworks is incredible”
“I have come year on year and Riverlife always delivers a fantastic event with great food, a wide range of drinks and entertainment that is perfectly complemented by the fireworks display”