Winter Weddings at Riverlife

May 26, 2021
As Queensland is known for its scorching summer days, planning a winter wedding in Brisbane is a great idea to avoid the heat. Here at Riverlife, we have six stunning spaces available to hire to create your perfect winter wonderland wedding. Other than the obvious cooler temperature, having a winter wonderland wedding has many other benefits including, seasonal flowers, winter colour palettes, delicious winter meals and better quality photos on your special day.

Seasonal Flowers

What could be more perfect than having a winter wedding with beautiful winter blooms such as Camelias, Daffodils, Hydrangeas, Oriental Lilies and Tulips. Not only will these flowers look stunning as centre pieces on tables, or in bouquets, but they will last all day through the hundreds of photos and even as home décor for the next week. A winter wedding will leave you stress free as there’ll be no need to worry about your flowers wilting on your big day due to the heat or humidity, and you’ll get to enjoy your winter blooms for longer.

Wedding table flowers

Winter Colour Palettes

Winter weddings don’t always have to be moodier, autumnal colour schemes, however, if you are wanting to stray from the usual baby pinks, winter is the perfect time of year to do so. From deep burgundy to icy blue, there are a variety of beautiful colour palettes that will make your winter wedding feel like its uniquely yours.

Winter Meals

Instead of being limited to salads and seafood, like a typical summer event, you and your guests can feast on a hearty roast, perfect to share, or a delicious slow cooked meal followed by a warm chocolate dessert. You will be able to enjoy a cosy sit-down meal with your friends and family without sweating after every bite. These winter warmer meals will also assure that everyone is satisfied and not going home hungry at the end of your special day.

Better Photo Opportunities

Lastly, a winter wedding is the perfect way to avoid the harsh summer sun, which is often reflected in pictures by harsh shadows and squinting guests. You can guarantee the perfect photo of you and your loved ones with soft winter lighting and beautiful blue skies.

Of course with any time of year there are pros and cons, however, now that you’ve read just some of the benefits of a winter wonderland wedding, we hope that you’ll think twice before organising your special day. If you’re wanting to secure one of the six stunning spaces Riverlife has to offer for your winter wonderland wedding contact our events team

Written by Amelia Rennie

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