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School Adventure Days

Here at Riverlife, we know the importance of practical education outside the classroom.  Over the years, through working with thousands of young people, we have developed a great range of activities that will get them out of their comfort zones and help teach them resilience, team work and leadership skills, in line with the Australian Curriculum.

We offer a great range of activities, and customisable programs and itineraries to fit around your requirements, and our guides have many years experience in delivering high quality experiences.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs, and start planning the perfect outdoor adventure day for your students.


Rock Climbing


Bike Tours

One Activity

Choose one from any of the four activities above. We can start your session anytime from 9am until 3pm and require 2 hours, so please let us know when works best for you.


Two Activities

A great option for schools that need to travel and stick to a tight timetable. This option includes two activities of your choice and allows for an adventurous day, with a more relaxed agenda.


Three Activities

This option delivers the ultimate experience in a single day. Your students will be able to take part in three different activities, gaining a great amount of skills and experiences.


Optional Upgrades


Student lunches


Morning/afternoon tea

on request

Laser tag

On request

Class room hire



Explore the mighty Brisbane River on a guided kayaking experience. See the city from a different perspective, while discovering unique facts about the Brisbane River. All students will be equipped with personal flotation devices, undertake a safety briefing and the class will be accompanied by trained staff. 


Abseiling is a great way for students to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. The abseil from the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs is a 20m descent with expansive views of Brisbane cityscape and riverway. Watch your students develop strong leadership skills as they help others conquer their fears.

Rock Climbing

The ultimate challenge to help build a student’s resilience. Our instructors will help them conquer their fears and scale the iconic Kangaroo Point cliffs. This is a great physical challenge for students, and helps build team work skills as their classmates provide encouragement and help them identify the best handholds and routes up the rocks.

Bike Tours

See all the sights of Kangaroo Point and South Bank on a guided bike tour. Learn the history, view the natural and urban landscapes and see iconic Brisbane sights up close. All our bike tours are along dedicated cycleways, to allow maximum enjoyment at minmum risk.

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