August 15,2018

Five Flavours Festival is back by popular demand! Join us as we aim to settle the age old debate of beer vs cider! Join us for some riverside vibes with the crew and #MakeEkkaWednesdayGreatAgain

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WHEN?!: Ekka Wednesday (aka 15th August)

TIME?! 1pm – 8pm (we know you want to be in bed by 9:00pm)

WHAT?! Five Flavours Beer Festival (Why did you even ask that question?)


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With a lineup like that we are sure to sell out quicker than a One Direction concert featuring Justin Bieber! (That got weird…)

Annnnnyyyyyway, we’re aiming to #MakeEkkaWednesdayGreatAgain. So join us for a weekday sesh and you will be surrounded by people who are also going to be calling in sick to work on Thursday! There will be music, there will be the perfect opportunity to #doitforthegram with our stellar view, there will be beer and cider, you can BYO dog (or pat other peoples dog) and there will be food. WINNER WINNER.

As beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, fear not if beer or cider is not your usual poison; the festival showcases an impressive array of different flavours to suit all tastes, including wine and soft drinks.

Now lets talk fooooood! With a street food option included in your ticket you will get to choose from:

> Chili beef and bean nachos, sour cream, guacamole and tomato salsa

*Vegetarian and vegan option available

> Pulled pork Bao (2) served with sriracha and herb slaw

> Chicken Karaage curry served with rice

> Lamb Yiros, slow cooked lamb shoulder, tabouleh, lettuce, tomato and garlic yoghurt dressing

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