4 Boxes you need to tick when planning your dream wedding.
November 28, 2019 Jordyn Clough

When you think back to the day you found your partner – you had those little boxes in your mind that they needed to tick. Well you can create your own criteria for your venue and here are some of my suggestions.


One of the first things as a couple you need to do is sit down together and establish how many guests the venue will need to be able to cater for. Work out the wiggle room you have – will that long-lost cousin really be offended if their invitation was lost in the mail? Try to hit this number when picking your venue because a venue that is too small may have your guests feeling squished but a venue too big could ruin the atmosphere.


Another thing to decide before looking at venues is location. The location could deter guests from attending your wedding. If your reception is going to be separate from your ceremony, ensure they are close enough to each other to not inconvenience your guests – no one wants to travel three days on a camel from the ceremony to the venue. Also think about if any guests are travelling from outside of the area and will need accommodation – is
there accommodation near the venue that is available?


The worst thing for any couple is to fall in love with a venue that is too far out of the budget. Sticking to a set budget throughout your entire planning process is a key to minimising stress through what can be a very stressful time. Many venues are accommodating as possible but stick to venues that are realistic and make it easy to meet your budget goals – you don’t want to aim for a venue in a champagne price range on a soda water budget.


Having a specific date in mind for your wedding can limit your options when choosing a venue. If you pick an approximate date but allow for a little flexibility you may find it easier to have both your dream venue and the perfect date! Certain dates and times of year can be busier than others – potentially increasing the price of the venue. Your venue can be one of the biggest decisions of your wedding. Be sure that it fits all of your needs to make sure you’re starting off your planning process in the right direction.