November 21, 2019 Ellie Thompson

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. If it’s all stacking up to be a bit too much, or if you’re just looking to put a fresh new spin on those traditions to suit a more contemporary couple, read on! Revamp your nuptials and make your day even more special with these 5 new wedding traditions. 


When you Google ‘wedding favours’ one of the top hits is ‘CHEAP wedding favours’. Rather than forking out a decent part of your (already tight) budget for knick-knacks or semi-sweet gestures that your guests might not even want… why not spend that part of the budget elsewhere. Add that hefty dollar amount to the bar tab, the band, a photobooth, or put it towards buying that EXTRA special wedding dress! You could even use it on your honeymoon or just save it for a rainy day. While it is nice to have your guests walk away with a physical token from your wedding day, it is YOUR day. Your guests will already be full of love, a great dinner and booze so adding a memento into the mix just isn’t necessary.  

Pro tip: If you have dessert included in your package why not individually box your cake as your wedding favours to take away?


Think back to medieval times when women were considered property of the family, traded for political or monetary gains. That’s where this seemingly sweet tradition originated from. 

This is a tradition that you can leave in the past or tweak a little to boost the sentimentality of it all. Why not have both parents walk with you down the aisle! It’ll show how much they both mean to you and will make them feel like a bigger part of your big day! Just want the moment to be with your dad? At the end of the aisle get dad to finish with a hug or handshake with the groom rather than handing the brides hand to him.  


The whole tradition of not seeing your partner before walking down the aisle is another archaic ritual that might be a little outdated. It involved business deals between families and the ritual of hiding the bride from the groom was so that the wedding couldn’t be called off if either party found the other ‘unsatisfactory’… hence why it was considered ‘unlucky’. Shake up this tradition by getting ready with your (very) soon-to-be hubby/wifey! Share the special moments together and watch on lovingly as the other gets ready. We always hear that the day just went far too quick, what a great way to make it as long as possible! 


Groomsmen and bridesmaids do not have to be male or female respectively. My best friend is a guy and I would be gutted if he weren’t a part of my bridal party, standing right next to me as I get married. It’s time to toss out the gendered idea that all groomsmen will be men and all bridesmaids will be ladies! It’s important to feel like those who are most important to you are by your side on your big day – Men of Honour and Best Women are here, and they’re here to stay! 


We’re calling it, we’re not even sorry! Round tables are in the past, bring on the long tables! It can be difficult to talk to more than the people either side of you on a round table without shouting – but thankfully, long tables are here to the rescue! At long tables you can talk to the people either side of you, across the table from you and even at the table directly behind you! Get that “family” style dinner where all your friends and family get to mingle! Maybe you’ll even get rid of the bridal table and slot yourselves right in the middle of the fun of it! 

If you still want that special moment between you and your dad before he gives you away, or you want a gal-pal up by the arbor with you – go for it! We’re not here to tell you what you can and can’t do on your wedding day. Just reflect on what is and isn’t important for you and your partner to make your day even more extraordinary (and maybe shave a few dollars off your budget!).