Australia’s Honeymoon Gems

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Australia’s Honeymoon Gems

Coming up to Honeymoon booking crunch time and you’re concerned about international travel restrictions impacting your holiday? With how unpredictable the last few months have been – we don’t blame you! Or if you’ve had to cancel your overseas honeymoon – don’t feel disappointed, I’m here to show you what’s right on your doorstep!! An Australian Honeymoon has everything you could want in spades. Raw beauty of burnt orange desert, frosty snow-capped peaks, glimmering turquoise waters and rolling hills scattered with wineries as far as the eye can see. 

I’m going to address the elephant in the room: holidays in Australia don’t sound sexy. They don’t sound exotic. There isn’t the same level of intrigue in hearing “a road trip to Melbourne” as there is for “a road trip through Switzerland.” A ‘trip to the Maldives’ has a more exotic ring to it than ‘a trip to the Whitsundays’. Right? I’ll admit it – much to my parents’ disappointment – I’ve become a international destination snob too. I feel that with the prevalence of Instagram, we’ve also become guilty of needing the biggest and best of everything. The most far-flung destination no one’s yet been to or feeling if you don’t get the stereotypical sunset photo perched atop the hills in Santorini – did I even go??

Let’s work on changing our mindset. A honeymoon is about celebrating the beginning of a beautiful marriage. Relishing some relaxing time together after months of stress leading up to your big day. Just because your honeymoon is on home soil it doesn’t mean it’s any less memorable or any less exciting! Get creative, do a little research and thank me later.

Australian Honeymoon

 Plus, there’s a whole slew of pros you haven’t even thought about yet!

  • No mental currency conversion calculations each time you make a purchase
  • There are no language barriers to hold you back!
  • You don’t have to spend hundreds on travel vaccinations
  • When you say “WOW, we need to come back here someday!” You easily can! Even bring the kids next time 😉 
  • If you are a wine lover, antique lover – or a shopping lover – it’s ten times easier to transport your goodies home at the end of your holiday
  • Travel insurance (if you purchase it) is way cheaper for domestic trips
  • It’s much easier to accurately budget! No overseas currency conversion fees and ATM fees that add up quicker than holiday weight – sneaky! You’re not heading into some of the most touristic places in the world with hugely inflated prices that you didn’t factor in. (Hello, Italy I’m looking at you!)
  • You’re supporting our economy! Especially now, following the economic disaster that has been COVID-19, how great would you’d feel knowing you’re assisting our economy to recover? Bloody fantastic!!

So, sit back, and grab a glass of wine, because we’ve just found your new honeymoon destination!

Road Trip 

Rent a home on wheels and spend days or weeks exploring at your own pace. My route recommendations would be Tasmania’s east coast, Perth to Ningaloo or Cape York to Cairns! 

This website is a great aid to help you plan your route!

Can’t be Bothered to organise a full itinerary? 

As one example; Tourism Australia have absolutely killed it with their website– so many helpful articles and researched itineraries for couples to draw inspiration. 

Tasmania 10 Day Food & Wine Trip

South Australia – 10 Days of Gourmet

Australian Honeymoon


A few of the most talked about luxury resorts in Australia!

Qualia Resort – QLD

One of the most popular destinations in Australia for honeymooners. Picture floor to ceiling glass to take in the bright aqua waters. Nestled into the northern-most end of Hamilton Island, this luxurious resort is in the perfect spot to easily explore the Great Barrier Reef. The resort offers helicopter rides, a beautiful spa, food and wine tastings, even a golf course! Every creature comfort your heart could desire.

El Questro Resort – WA

All-inclusive. Think glorious colourful Sunsets from atop gorge cliffs, daily dips in the thermal springs, your own private boat for exploration, guided bushwalking tours and gourmet meals paired with locally sourced wines. With several options for accommodation, including the Homestead, Emma Gorge and The Station – El Questro is arguably the most lavish resort in The Kimberley! Check out their list of itinerary options – it’s pretty epic!

Trip Add ons or if secluded romantic getaways aren’t your thing: 

Pride Fest.

Woodford Folk Festival.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Tassie’s Dark Mofo

Bluesfest. Byron Bay

I hope this has given you some great ideas! See you in Tassie! 😉 


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