20 Pieces Of Lifesaving Advice For Brides To Be

20 Pieces Of Lifesaving Advice For Brides To Be
June 24, 2020 Riverlife Team


1. Talk To Other Married Couples

Some of the best advice for brides comes from friends and family who have already had their wedding or even other couples who are planning their own wedding. Get their opinions on ideas you might have but are not quite sure on. While people are throwing ideas at you, you might hear some that are not quite your cup of tea. You do not offend anyone, say it with me now: “that’s a great idea, we’ll consider it”.

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2. Do Not Think You Have To Do Everything Yourself

So as to not stress yourself out so you end up hating the process and the big day itself, recruit other people to help wherever needed. Remember: you are not in this alone. You will be getting ready throughout the day, so, unfortunately, you will not have the chance to decorate, so you should delegate the important tasks to someone you trust. Give them specific instructions plus pictures on what you need to be done, so you do not turn up to your reception and the reality is not as good as what you envisioned. 

3. Do Not Pick Your Styling/Theme Too Far Out

A great piece of styling advice for brides is to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to be able to pull anything off. However, from my own experience, I know that you will probably change your mind on the styling of your wedding – a few times! If you pick everything too far out, you give yourself the chance to think twice about it.

4. If something specific needs to happen – test it out

It could be something as simple as you provide your own cake stand. Or something as demanding as your first dance together. Practice makes perfect. You do not want to get to the day and find out something does not work out. If you are bringing your own cake stand and you have a large cake, pile some heavy books on top to see if it will hold. You might have choreographed dance and not realise your broad dress or a dress with a long train gets in the way. However, if things do go wrong on the night focus on the last tip of this article!


5. Pack an emergency kit/hair and makeup touch-ups

As the day progresses, your perfected makeup and/or hair might move after hugging and kissing all your friends and family. Especially if it is hot or windy. Get your makeup artist to assemble a small touch up kit that you can use at any time throughout the day to maintain your look. Pack small emergency kit that your bridesmaids can carry in their bag filled with safety pins, Band-Aids, double-sided tape, Panadol, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.


6. Be comfortable

There will be NOTHING worse than being uncomfortable for 10+ hours on an important day like this. You want to start wearing the right underwear. If you have high waisted spanks, please make sure they do not dig into your stomach. An age-old piece of advice for brides is to break-in your high heels for months before your big day and if they are still not comfortable, buy some reception shoes. You might want to even think about scarring the bottom of your heels, so you do not end up with a Chandler moment, sliding all over the dancefloor.

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7. Number each RSVP card that correlates to a guest

Do not get caught out with the awkward encounter of having to chase up RSVP cards because someone forgot to write their name. Numbering the corner of the RSVP card with the same number on your guest list so you can easily identify a blank card is one of our favourite pieces of advice for brides in the planning phase.

8. Ask for song requests via RSVP cards

On the subject of RSVP cards, to get your guests excited about the night ask them to request a song for the DJ (or Spotify playlist) to play. This is guaranteed to get them up and dancing on the night. I had a lot of success with this and have a very full playlist ready to go.

9. Try on dresses that might look strange on the hanger

Every stylist at a bridal boutique has this advice for brides. Chances are dresses look completely different on the hanger compared to when it is on your body. If you like the look of it – try it on anyway! 

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10. Wear a button-down shirt while you are getting ready

Or a robe, for that matter. Once your makeup and hair are done, you can easily take it off as to not ruin all that hard work.

11. Give yourself PLENTY of time to get ready

While we are on the topic of getting ready, make sure you give yourself (and your bridal party) an ample amount of time to do hair and makeup. You do not want to feel rushed as that is when mistakes happen.

12. Nominate someone to oversee your phone

From your venue to your second cousin who is running late to your ceremony, people are going to need to be in contact with you. As you have given everyone your number to contact, one of our best pieces of advice for brides is to give your phone to someone in your bridal party. Let that person know that you want to be notified when it important only, and they can decide if it is worth bothering you over.

13. Create programs that double up as fans

This is an absolute must if you are having your ceremony at Riverlife (or if you are having an outdoor ceremony in the sun). Attach some programs to wooden sticks so they double as fans to keep your guests cool. You might want to provide them with some cold water too as Brisbane can get hot.

14. Assign someone to save you from extra chatty guests

You will have a bunch of people to see and talk to throughout the night. Having a designated person to pull you away when you have spent too long talking to the daughter of your cousin, twice removed. Just get them to pull you away for “something important” so you can have a breather and move onto the next person.

15. Encourage your MC to become besties with the event supervisor

I only suggest this so your night can run as smoothly as possible. If your MC and your Event Supervisor has a good relationship then they can talk to each other easily throughout the night.

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16. Create a Facebook chat (or similar) to collect photos that your guests took

Chances are, your guests will have photos that will get lost in their phones and you will never get a chance to see. Instead of messaging everyone individually, make it easier for yourself by collecting them in one place.

17. Do not just have a rain plan

Have a wind and heat plan too. It is safe to say that Brisbane is unpredictable, so you are better off having second plans for just about every element. Even if they are all the same, you will be better off planning ahead.

18. Check with your venue before you plan your grand exit

I have seen it a few times here at Riverlife. The bride and groom want an extravagant sparkler send-off. So, they buy 100 regular sparklers, they get to the end of the night, go to do it and the supervisor must tell them no. As to avoid disappointment on the night, let your Event Manager know every little detail of every little thing you are planning. Sparklers can be dangerous if not handled correctly so your Event Manager will let you know the safest way to execute an amazing grand exit.

19. Remember to publicly thank your Event Manager and vendors

One of the greatest gifts you can give everyone who helped make your day a success is a review on their social media pages. It honestly makes their day and can help with future sales.

20. Eat something

There is no getting around it, you are in for a massive day. Pack some food while you are getting ready. Plus make sure you eat something while everyone else is! You will thank yourself later in the night and the next day.

21. Take time to enjoy your day

Focus on the big picture. Do not stress the small stuff. Things will go wrong so go with the flow.