New Year New Bride
January 15, 2020 Ellie Thompson

Newly engaged and not sure where to start with your wedding planning Here’s a quick hit of all the essentials you should look at as a New Year Bride.

First of all, make sure you take the time to soak up your engagement bliss!

It’s a special moment and you don’t want to rush it by getting overwhelmed by wedding planning straight away. Delight in the small things… like Facetiming your family and friends to share the news and see their reaction! Once you’ve told all your VIPs, take that perfect Instagram ring selfie and wait for the likes to roll in – make sure you get a manicure first! 😉

Now onto the nitty gritty.

First and foremost, set about determining your wedding budget as this will impact the entire wedding planning process. It also means you can get into saving-mode ASAP. It’s important that you and your fiancé are on the same page in respect to the budget and your wedding priorities so the earlier this conversation occurs, the better. This may also involve talking to your parents, if they are footing any of the wedding bill.

Keep track of your spending

Once your budget is underway, make sure you keep track of your spending as the little touches on your big day add up quickly. Now that you have a figure in place you are in a better position to determine how many guests you can afford, which naturally leads onto your venue selection. This decision will take some time and love; get ready to research! Your venue is a pivotal element of you event as it sets the entire scene for your wedding. Warehouse? Art gallery? Beach? You will also need to consider the style of wedding you wish to host at the venue. Do you want a relaxed cocktail style reception? A 3-course sit down dinner. A buffet? Each of these choices comes with a different layout and impacts the formality of your event.

Lock down your actual wedding date

Now is the time to lock down your actual wedding date, remembering that the most popular wedding dates and venues get booked far in advance. Make sure you consider what works for your nearest and dearest, the must-have people at your wedding.

The REALLY fun part

Collecting your wedding inspo… it’s time to hit that secret Wedding Pinterest Board you’ve had since you were 13! Pinterest, Social Media, Google; anything that can help you imagine the style of wedding that you both want. Add in styling upgrades if your budget allows it; remember, it’s the details that your guests won’t forget!

Pick your dream team

Pick your dream team of suppliers and vendors who will be involved in your day. Your photographer and celebrant are your first stop. Remember you will spend most of your wedding day with your photographer by your side, so you want to hit it off with them. You want to connect with your celebrant in the same way. Book a cake tasting and a hair and makeup trial (make sure you remember to bring your favourite photos for inspo). Look into entertainment for your event. Often, your venue will come with an experienced wedding coordinator, but if not, consider hiring a wedding planner. Just make sure you have someone who will work out all the logistics of the wedding in the background and will then choreograph the actual day for you.

Do your research

Again, do your research. Start by checking out the vendors website and socials, and any blog posts or pieces you can find by them. Read reviews from brides and grooms that have first- hand experience with your vendors. Meet them in person to establish their vibe, their voice and whether your vision aligns.

Make a wedding checklist

Once you have locked in these essentials, set about making a wedding check list and timeline. A good approach is to assign yourself 2-3 wedding goals per month (depending on how long your engagement is).

The wedding planning journey can be stressful; always remember why you’re planning a wedding in the first place. You want to remain on the same page as your fiancé and stay connected all the way! Most importantly, have fun in this once-in-a-lifetime moment of being engaged!