November 5, 2019 Ellie Thompson
The initial excitement of a new engagement can often be overshadowed by the daunting task of planning the wedding of your dreams. So here are my first three most important things to book to put your mind at ease and make sure you start your planning journey on the right foot.


There are lots of things to consider when picking the perfect wedding venue. The venue can help determine all the other elements of your big day. The size, date and overall vibe of the venue can determine whether your event is hot or a hot mess. Every venue has their own unique characteristics. The biggest question to ask–what is the theme of the wedding? Do you want somewhere close to the beach or surrounded by nature? Does an indoor or an outdoor venue suit your style? How far are you willing to travel for that perfect space? These little decisions can easily narrow down your venue selection. This will not only save your time but help you avoid the heartbreak of finding your perfect venue but not being able to have it.


Like your partner, when looking for your celebrant you should be looking for your perfect match. A celebrant is a necessary element to any ceremony. A celebrant that is both classy and charming can not only appeal to you as a couple but will ensure they reflect the image you present as a couple during their official duties on the day. The celebrant is the one person that can make the day truly personal–reflecting on old stories while sticking to your values and beliefs. The celebrant kicks off the entire tone of the wedding. A last-minute celebrant has taken no interest in the two of you as a couple won’t go unnoticed by your guests. Be sure to ask your potential celebrant any and all the questions that your heart desires before choosing someone. Be sure to meet your celebrant in person. In the day and age of technology it may be easy to just click and pick, but the internet can’t show you’re the nature of the person and you won’t realise until you experience it on the day if you pick someone that just is not for you.


Every photographer has their own style. Use places like Instagram and Pinterest to scroll through and find images you like–this will become your photography style. Looking through a photographer’s gallery can help you pinpoint whether they can meet the style you want for your photos. Although the memories will stay with you forever, these photos will be an important memory of your special day. Interview your photographer in person, an online album can be great, but these are only the best of the best of their images. Asking the photographer to see their full albums is important. When you get the chance to review them, use your critical eye. Think about what everyone who will want to look through your wedding images will be seeing–everyone’s a critic. Be sure to be well informed on the postproduction details. You don’t want to be blindsided or caught off guard when receiving your images and they aren’t exactly what you want–these are some photos you can’t just check and retake. If the prospect of picking your perfect suppliers is still overwhelming you–ask your venue. Most venues have a recommended suppliers list that includes suppliers that they not only think are great but that have worked with your venue before.
I would say Good Luck–but you don’t need it!