Trending Wedding Cake Alternatives You Knead To Know

Trending Wedding Cake Alternatives You Knead To Know
April 17, 2020 Riverlife Team

Trending Wedding Cake Alternatives You Knead To Know

When it comes to the choices you make for your wedding, the wedding cake selection would have to be the most enjoyable. The options are endless and the tasting boxes delicious!

Gone are the days of the traditional fruit cake that gets kept in the freezer for the one-year anniversary. These 10 trending flavours are too good to save. 

  1. Lemon
  2. Red Velvet 
  3. Coffee and Cream 
  4. Caramelised Vanilla 
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Oreo
  7. Pink Champagne 
  8. Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl 
  9. Coconut 
  10.  Italian Cream 

Of course, these flavours aren’t for everyone. With the amazing talent in the cake industry, you can pretty much customise any cake flavour you can dream up.

Image by Peppermint Photography

Customised fruity flavours are becoming increasingly popular, as well as spirit inspired flavours such as scotch and whiskey. These spirit flavours are often chosen based on the couples favourite spirit flavours – adding your own little couple spin on it. 

Don’t have a sweet tooth? We know cake isn’t for everyone, but there are so many other options that can still allow you and your guests to have a post dinner treat. Wedding cake replacement ideas are popping up everywhere so here are some of our favourite cake alternatives. 

Dessert Table 

Can’t pick a cake flavour? Why not a whole table full of desserts? The concept of a dessert table is becoming increasingly popular. This is the alternative that satisfies the greatest number of guests. Not only do you get a little taste of all different kinds of desserts, but it can also help cater for all dietary requirements your guests may have.

Dessert Platter

Customised Cookies

They can be a sweet treat and a take home favour for your guests! Customised cookies are one of the biggest trends in both wedding desserts and bonbonnieres. You can pick your favourite cookie flavour and have them decorated to match any theme. You can include your initials, couple name or anything else your heart desires. Not only are they adorable, they taste amazing too. 

Image by The Custom Bite

Donut Walls

Why limit yourself to just a table when you can have a full wall! Donut walls not only please your taste buds but they’re just as visually appealing. There are walls the shapes of letters or hearts, anything you can dream up really. Not to mention there are so many amazing donut suppliers you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you love the donut idea but not keen on the wall, a donut stack is another option.

Riverlife Donut Wall

Macaroon Tower  

A yummy little French treat that can be customised to the colour and flavour of your choice. This is a very different alternative to the traditional wedding cake but it can add a sweet little addition to your wedding – and everyone gets their own macaroon!

Image by Bouchee Armour

Cheese Cake

For the people who want to swap sweet for savoury, what better than a cheese cake. If you stack several cheese wheels like a tiered cake and surround it with fruits and crackers and you have a cheese wedding cake to go. Add a bit of styling and I can promise your wedding cheese cake will be looking gouda!

Image by Paula O'Hara

No matter what you decide, the one thing it will always be is delicious. Enjoy the decision process because when you’re choosing your wedding cake – calories don’t count! 

Some amazing cake businesses that have got the Riverlife taste approval have been listed below to start you off with some inspiration. 

  1. Bakeistry 
  2. Deliberately Delicious 
  3. Vanilla Pod 

Happy Tasting!


This blog was written by Jordyn Clough. Jordyn joined the Riverlife Team in 2019 as an Event Assistant and has since become an Event Manager. She is especially interested in romantic weddings and chocolate brownies.