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Bike Hire

If you are looking for a great Brisbane experience, head outdoors and grab a Brisbane bike hire! A Brisbane bike hire is a fun, active way to travel around the city and surrounds and explore the amazing Brisbane sights!

From $35


Half-Day, Full Day or Week Long Options

Tues - Sun

About this adventure

Pick up a bike direct from Riverlife Adventure Centre at the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and explore over 100kms of routes in and around Brisbane city! Some of our favourite loops take you along the River, through the Botanic Gardens, past Southbank and The Wheel, then along to New Farm park. There are so many beautiful areas to explore, you can’t go wrong!

With flexible hiring options, you can choose between either a half-day (4 hours) or full-day hire. Half-day hires are available throughout the day, so you can choose whatever time suits you best!
If you are looking for more than 4 hours, our full-day option allows you to collect your bikes any time from 9am.
Overnight (24-hour) hire is also available for a small additional fee.

All bikes are to be returned at least 15 minutes prior to closing.


  • Where do I collect the bikes from?
    Bikes are available to be collected from Riverlife Adventure Centre. Directions can be found here.
    When can I collect my bike, and when do I need to return it?
    Full Day Hire – bikes can be collected any time from 9 am.
    Half-Day Hire – bikes can be collected at any time from your booked time, but must be returned within the allotted time.
    Overnight hire is available for an additional fee – bikes must be returned within 24 hours of hire.
    All bikes must be returned at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.
    What type of bikes do you offer?
    We offer a variety of front suspension and geared bicycles. These are not designed for off-road tracks but are great for cruising around the city.
    What happens if I am late back?
    Any late returns will be charged at a rate of $5 per 15 minutes.
    What is included?
    In addition to your bike, Riverlife will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment. A helmet is a legal requirement in Australia whilst riding a bike. All other equipment (elbow, knee, and wrist pads) are at the user’s discretion.
    Sunscreen is available free of charge.
    Do you provide bike locks?
    Bike locks are available to hire for $3 – we recommend 1 bike lock per 2 bikes!
    Lockers are also available to hire for $3 if you wish to store any valuables whilst riding.
    Where can we go?
    We ask that you remain within a 5km radius of Riverlife Adventure Centre.
    Don’t worry! This gives you lots of amazing areas to explore, including Howard Smith Wharves, New Farm Park, Kingsford Smith Drive bike path along to Hamilton, Paddington & Red Hill, Suncorp Stadium, St Lucia & The University of QLD, Annerly, Camp Hill and Bulimba, just to name a few!
    If you would like more information on Cycle routes, Brisbane City Council provides great info on Bike Paths around Brisbane here.
    What is the age limit? Do you offer kids’ seats?
    Unfortunately at this stage, we are unable to offer additional seats for children. We provide bikes for children ages 8 and up.


  • All safety features (lights, brakes, tyres) are checked over by our team before your departure.
  • All bikes and safety equipment are cleaned and sanitised between uses.
  • We have Australian standard approved bike helmets or you may use your own.
  • Where possible, always use the bike lane.
  • Give way to pedestrians and other users at all times.
  • If you approach pedestrians, slow down and sound your bell as you pass them on the right.
  • On the road, keep left where practical.
  • Follow road signs and signals.
  • Don’t carry passengers on your bike.
  • If you are riding at night or in the late afternoon, wear light coloured and reflective clothing.
  • Ride no more than two abreast and be prepared to ride in single file on narrow roads.
  • Indicate a change of direction with clear hand signal.
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening.
  • Never hold on to another moving vehicle while riding.
  • Do not overtake vehicles if they are turning left.
  • Be predictable – travel in a straight line – do not weave.
  • Listening to music is great but avoid doing it while your on your bike so you can stay aware.