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Urb-E Hire

All the way from San Fransisco these trendy electric vehicles are fun, compact and speedy. Similar to a bike, a URB-E is controlled via the handlebars and by shifting your weight to make it move in any direction.



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About this adventure

It has a top speed of 25kph for all you speedsters out there and can travel up to 30km per full charge, perfect for your trips to the shops and to work. It takes just 4 hours to completely charge and can be charged via USB or a charging pack (provided with your hire). For storage and moveability, URB-Es fold up to just 11 x 8.5 inches and can easily be wheeled around. Each URB-E also has it’s own unique key for security so only you can start it. URB-E is a great way to see Brisbane and is a fun way to get some fresh air with your friends.


  • An Urb-E fully charged
  • Safety equipment
  • Sunscreen


  • Your safety is our number one priority. All hire equipment is washed and sanitised before hire. URB-Es are checked by trained mechanics to ensure they are in prime working condition. We recommend following the same safety precautions as you would when riding a bike. Whilst you have your URB-E on your hire, here are some steps to take to insure your ride is fun and safe. 

    • Always wear a helmet, it’s the law. Your URB-E can reach speeds of up to 25kph so make sure you buckle your helmet up every time. 
    • Wear closed-toe shoes. URB-E’s have two sets of footrests, one at the front and one below your seat. Wearing closed in shoes protects your feet from abrasions or from getting caught under the footrests. 
    • Use the bike lane where possible
    • Slow down when approaching pedestrians, sound the bell and pass them on the right.
    • Remain on the sidewalk unless crossing at a crossing or on a bike lane. Avoid high traffic roads. 
    • Do not carry passengers. If you need to carry anything, take a backpack or ask for a basket with your URB-E.
    • If you are riding at night or in the afternoon, wear reflective clothing
    • Indicate change in direction with a clear hand signal.
    • Keep an eye on your battery life on the handlebars, you don’t want to end up stuck!
    • Each URB-E has a unique key for security but we recommend buying a bike lock to secure it when leaving outside of shops.

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