Get your active-wear ready – kayaking at Riverlife is the best way to get active and have fun in the sun. Suitable for solo travellers, families and big groups alike, join us for your next adventure!





Riverlife Kayak Tours

At Riverlife, the Day Kayak Tour will have you soaking up sunshine, sunsets and city views seeing Brisbane from a new perspective. Our fully-qualified and fantastic guides will make you comfortable and well-informed throughout your experience with us. 

Depending on the tide times, we are going to head towards the Story Bridge or South Bank on our kayaking journey. As a result of this we always kayak with the tide on our side for the home stretch. Don’t worry, there are awesome sights and photo spots each way!

After checking-in, the session starts with a safety briefing. Once you are geared up, we are then going to help you and your crew get in your kayaks. While on the water, our guides teach you tips and tricks to get you kayaking like a pro!

What to Look Out For: Visual Highlights When Kayaking The Brisbane River

Downstream – Kayaking To The Story Bridge

The Story Bridge

The Story Bridge is the highlight of our downstream kayaking experience. As soon as you reach it, take shade under it or grab an incredible photos with it at the halfway point of the tour. Construction began in 1935 to provide jobs and improve cross-river access. The Story Bridge opened in 1940, celebrating 80 years this year, and is a fantastic Brisbane icon.

The Myora Shipwreck

If the tide is low, Myora may show! Built in 1890, the Myora was used for general services, fishing, and pleasure cruises. In 1956, it was left to sink! Myora has survived two major floods and is now one with the shore, with mangroves anchoring it to the river bank. 

Upstream – Kayaking To South Bank

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

The Kangaroo Point Cliffs are a natural landmark that dominates the inner-city suburb of Kangaroo Point. Quarried from 1829 – 1976, the well-mainted 25m cliff face is the perfect spot for a picnic or BBQ. Or for those more daring, the cliffs are publicly available for use to climb and abseil!

Queensland Maritime Museum

Home to a whole host of historical ships, the Queensland Maritime Museum often acts as the halfway point of our downstream tours. The HMAS Diamantia is one of the last World War II River Class frigates in the world. In fact, the Diamantia is one of the world’s two remaining ships to have hosted surrender ceremonies. The only other surviving ship is the USS Missouri, which is on display at Pearl Harbor.


Your guide will tell you interesting facts and stories about Brisbane and the Brisbane River throughout your experience. Just in case you want to get clued up before your adventure, check out these fast facts about Brisbane and it’s history: 

  • The Turrbal and Jagera people know Brisbane as Meanjin, which means “place shaped like a spike”.
  • Brisbane’s first European settlers landed here by accident! A group of convicts were trying to sail back to Sydney but got lost in a storm.
  • Brisbane was later colonised as a Penal Colony on the orders of Sir Thomas Brisbane. The colony originally settled at Redcliffe, before relocating to what is now Brisbane’s CBD. Why you may ask? Because the natural bend in The Brisbane River made it very difficult for convicts to escape!
  • On average, Brisbane has 283 days of sunshine each year – no wonder we love kayaking so m


We are dedicated to showing you a great time kayaking on the river, but safety is always our priority. Before every session we will provide a full safety briefing. We will cover everything that you need to know in this briefing, however, here are a few things you can be aware of before getting started:

Please Do Not Cross The River At Any Point Whilst Kayaking At Riverlife

The Brisbane River is a fully operational transport hub, unlike other areas you may have kayaked before. That means there are plenty of larger and faster crafts than kayaks on the water. Please stick to the passive craft lane, which your guide will point out to you. 

If You Fall Out Of Your Kayak, Don’t Panic! 

Every Riverlife kayaking participant is given a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). The first thing to remember, if you do fall in, is do not panic. There are simple and safe techniques for getting back in which are demonstrated in your safety briefing. If you can’t swim that’s okay! Just please ensure you have booked a guided experiences. That way, our fully-qualified instructors can help you along the way.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Riverlife operates with a Zero Tolerance Drugs & Alcohol policy for all activities. Because of this, if found to be in breach of this policy, you can not participate in the adventure. Should you arrive intoxicated, there are no option for rescheduling or refunds. However, if you are looking to have a drink afterwards, we have alcoholic beverages available.


Looking to escape the office and build up some team spirit? Riverlife has a multitude of Team Building & Corporate packages for you to choose from. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff to learn more.


Looking to escape the office and build up some team spirit? Riverlife has a multitude of Team Building & Corporate packages for you to choose from. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff to learn more.