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Weddings and Events – Terms and Conditions

General provisions

Exclusion of liability
Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement and to the extent permitted by law, Riverlife will not in any circumstances be liable for any:

  • indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages, expenses, losses or liabilities; or
  • loss of profits, business interruption, loss of revenue, economic loss, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity or expectation of loss or loss of production, which may be suffered or incurred by any person, including in respect of the Function or in connection with this agreement.
Liability cap
Other than in the case of Riverlife’s gross negligence, the maximum aggregate liability of Riverlife to the Client in respect of events, acts or omissions is limited, to the extent permitted by law, to the Function fee payable by the Client under this agreement, to the extent that the liability is incurred under, in relation to, or in connection with this agreement (including Riverlife’s performance or non-performance).
Injury and other damage to persons and property
The is Client responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by any person acting under the Client’s direction, order or control in connection with the Function, save to the extent such loss, damage or injury is caused or contributed to by Riverlife.
Riverlife maintains public liability insurance to a value of $20,000,000 to cover anything that falls under Riverlife’s responsibility. However, this does not cover loss, theft or damage of any items belonging to the Client or their guests. As such, Riverlife recommends the Client secures their own insurance to cover these items.
Neither this agreement nor any rights or obligations under this agreement may be assigned or otherwise transferred by any party without the prior written consent of the other party.
Entire agreement
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to its subject matter, and supersedes all prior agreements, representations, negotiations and correspondence.
Governing law

This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland.


  • Riverlife’s packages include up to five hours’ use of your selected Riverlife Venue. If you have booked multiple Riverlife Venues, then the hire duration (including start and finish time) is the same for all Riverlife Venues.
  • By law, all Functions must conclude by 12.00am (midnight).
  • Riverlife does not accept tentative bookings for any Riverlife Venue. That is, Riverlife has a “first-pay-priority-policy” and full payment of the Riverlife Deposit set out in Item 6 of your Function summary (contained in Schedule 1) for each Riverlife Venue you wish to book as part of your Function must be paid in full to secure that Riverlife Venue. See Item 3 of this agreement for a list of the various Riverlife Venues and the Deposit applicable for each Riverlife Venue which is payable to secure your booking.
  • Payments can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit, Visa or MasterCard (credit card payments incur a 1.3% surcharge).

Payments and surcharges

Payment to secure a Riverlife Venue(s) on the proposed date of the Client’s Function (subject to availability) is as follows:
Riverlife VenueReception Minimum SpendDeposit
Cannon Room$2,800$1,500
Riverside Marquee$2,800$1,500
City Lights Marquee$8,500$3,000
Riverfront Deck$8,000$3,000
Sunset Marquee$10,500$3,000
Gustave Cocktail Hire$850$550
Ceremony (with reception)$1,395$400
Ceremony (only)$1,695$1,695

If a Client wishes to utilise multiple Riverlife Venues for its Function, then the Venue Deposit for each Riverlife Venue must be paid to secure the booking.

The following should also be noted:

  • A Ceremony is not included as part of the Reception Minimum Spend or a Venue Deposit.
  • When combined with a reception booking, a deposit is required to secure the ceremony booking, with the remaining balance due with the reception minimum spend. For a ceremony only booking, the full balance is required to secure the booking.
  • Gustave Cocktail Van Hire is not included as part of Reception Minimum Spend. Gustave is hired on a “first pay-first priority” basis.
  • A 100% payment for the remainder of the Reception Minimum Spend will be invoiced four months before the Client’s Function date and due for payment within seven days of the invoice date.
  • The Reception Expected Spend (less any Reception Minimum Spend already paid to Riverlife) will be invoiced one month before the Function date, due within one week of the invoice date.
  • The final balance is due for payment two weeks prior to the Function date.

    Note – Final guest numbers are due 1 month prior to your Function date. No refunds will be given if guest numbers decrease after final guest numbers are given to Riverlife.

  • Client credit card details will be kept on file and the Client will be charged for any damage, excessive cleaning, remaining bar tab, extras or equipment left by external suppliers. Collection of these details will occur at the point of booking the Client’s Function.
  • A transfer fee per Function booking is applicable for changes to the date of the Function and/or Riverlife Venue(s). If a Client chooses to reschedule its Function, then the following transfer fees will apply:
    Time PeriodFee
    > Four months from Function date$1,000
    < Four months but > one month out$2,000
    < One month out$4,000
  • A 15% surcharge applies to all Functions held on public holidays, special event days and New Year’s Eve. Special conditions may also apply to New Year’s Eve bookings.
  • Venue Hire extensions are charged at $750/hour per Riverlife Venue being hired. This fee does not include the cost of extending the beverage package or BYO corkage. Please discuss this with the Event Coordinators if you are wishing to extend your Function outside the hours disclosed in your Function booking. If you choose to extend the Venue hire on the day of the Function, then a Venue Hire extension fee of $1,000/hour will apply per Riverlife Venue.
  • Riverlife reserves the right to cancel the booking if any payment is not received from the Client within the prescribed time.


Cancellation datePolicy
Cancellation > greater than 6 months prior to event dateIf a similar replacement Function is secured for the Client’s Function date, then the Client’s Venue Fee will be refunded less cancellation fees of 40% of the original Venue Hire Fee paid. If Riverlife does not secure a booking of a similar replacement Function for that date, then the Client acknowledges that it forfeits all amounts paid to Riverlife as part of its Function booking (including any GST paid on the booking).
Cancellation < less than 6 months, but more than 3 months prior to event dateIf the Client cancels its Function less than six months, but more than three months prior to Function date, then the Client will automatically forfeit 100% of all fees paid to Riverlife.
Cancellation < less than 3 months prior to event dateIf the Client cancels its Function less than three months before its Function date, then the Client acknowledges it forfeits 100% of fees paid to Riverlife and is liable for 50% of its Expected Reception Spend listed in Item 6 of its Function Summary.

Confirming your Function details

  • Menus are subject to availability at the time of booking your Function. Riverlife’s menu offering and prices are subject to change.
  • The menu selection must be made by the Client at least one month prior the Client’s Function date, or as otherwise advised by Riverlife. If menu selections are not made one month prior to the Client’s Function, a default menu will be selected on the Client’s behalf.
  • Dietary requirements must be provided by the Client to the Event Coordinators at least two weeks prior the Client’s Function.
  • Levels of reactions to allergens vary, with some reactions being simply due to proximity (airborne) and others occurring only after consumption of the allergen. Riverlife is therefore unable to guarantee there are no allergens in the food and beverages served during your Function. The Client agrees to discuss the Client’s food and beverage requirements with the Event Coordinators in advance of the Function with a view to minimising the likelihood of reactions.
Function schedule

An overview of the Client’s Function will be provided to the Client, which must be approved by the Client no less than two weeks prior to the Function date. NO changes to the Function schedule will be permitted less than two weeks prior to Function date.

Final guest numbers

Final guest numbers must be confirmed by the Client at 1 month prior to the Function date. No refund will be given if actual guest numbers decrease after the final guest numbers are provided by the Client to Riverlife. A reallocation of funds may be approved at the discretion of the Riverlife Functions Manager.

BYO Beverages

  • The Client is permitted to provide its own alcoholic beverages (other than spirits) and non-alcoholic beverages (BYO Beverages) at its Function.
  • If the Client wishes for its BYO Beverages to be served at its Function, then the Client’s BYO Beverages must be delivered on the Thursday immediately prior to the Function date at a time nominated by the Event Coordinators.
  • The Client acknowledges that no deliveries of BYO Beverages will be accepted at the Riverlife Venue outside of the time agreed with the Event Coordinators.
  • The Client is not permitted to take home its unused BYO Beverages directly after the Function. All unused BYO Beverages must be collected by the Client on the Tuesday immediately following its Function or a holding fee of $30 per day will apply.

Security and glass use

  • Security is required for functions:
    • of 200 or more people; and
    • celebrating 18th and 21st birthdays.
  • The Event Coordinators will provide further details about the security and respective charges that will apply for functions described in Item 7(b).
  • Riverlife restricts the use of glass at large functions of 200 or more people and events open to the public.
  • Glassware is not permitted in Council parkland.

Venue and Function management

Start and finish times
  • The Client agrees to start its Function and end its Function by vacating the Venue(s) within the agreed timeframes.
  • Additional charges may apply where the Client and its guests have not vacated the Venue within 30 minutes after the end of the Function booking time.
BYO food and wedding cakes
  • Health regulations prohibit all BYO food, with the exception of celebration cakes sourced from a professional kitchen.
  • If the Client wishes to serve a celebration cake at its Function, then the Client must complete a Wedding Cake Agreement prior to the date the celebration cake is delivered to the Venue.
  • While Riverlife takes due care and attention when handling celebration cakes, all celebration cakes remain the full responsibility of the Client and the cake maker.

*Please note: Riverlife is an open-air venue. It is therefore vital for the Client to consider weather conditions when organising the delivery of celebration cakes.

External suppliers
  • The Client must provide their Event Coordinators with prior written notice of all cars/suppliers entering Riverlife on the day of its Function. Additional charges will apply if unknown vehicles enter Riverlife’s premises, which will be subtracted from the supplied credit card for bond.
  • All external suppliers including DJ’s, bands, decorators, photographers and celebrants etc. must contact the Event Coordinators prior to the Client’s Function regarding their set up and any equipment or furniture required for their service.

External suppliers are permitted to park their vehicles to drop off equipment only and must then park their vehicles off site. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform its external suppliers of this requirement. This is to ensure the smooth running of services associated with the Client’s Function.

Surcharges will apply for additional requirements over and above Riverlife’s standard allocation for resources, staffing and Venue access times for set-up and bump-out. To avoid confusion, Clients are encouraged to discuss ALL Function requirements with their Event Coordinators prior to confirming their Function.
Riverlife supplies allocated furniture and equipment for Functions held at its Venues. However, other furniture from external suppliers is welcome at the Client’s cost. External suppliers must set up their furniture on the day of the Function and remove all furniture at the conclusion of the Function. Fees will apply if items are left behind without the prior consent of the Event Coordinators.


Riverlife hopes you enjoy the experience of decorating your Function. To ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your Function, the following conditions apply:

  • The Client may, at its discretion, choose to theme or decorate the Venue where its Function is being held. If the Client is using an external decorator, then the Client’s decorator must contact the Event Coordinators for a suitable time to access the Venue on the day of the Function.
  • If the Client is carrying out its own decorating of the Venue, then the names of the people who are assisting with the set up and pack down of the decorations must be given to the Event Coordinators before any decorations are delivered to the Venue.
Start and finish times
  • The Client must ensure there is appropriate storage to put decorations in once packed down to then take home.
  • It is not possible to guarantee storage of items overnight.
  • The Client must discuss any storage requests with their Event Coordinators prior to their Function.
Riverlife styling

If requested prior to the Function, the Event Coordinators will:

  • place the Client’s (pre-arranged) centre pieces at no cost; or
  • style the Client’s Function on the day of the Function for a styling fee of $250* in lieu of a friend/stylist being able to complete it. The styling fee includes placement of Client’s DIY place cards, table decorations, favours, wishing well, guest book, etc. All items provided in Riverlife packages will be styled by Riverlife staff, including linen, napkins, table settings, etc.
    *A $450 styling fee will apply if Riverlife is required to set up or pack down DIY decorations or any items brought in by the Client without notifying its Event Coordinators of and paying the styling fee. This styling fee does not include anything that hangs or needs assembling – these decorations will need to be taken at the end of the Function.
    Planning and/or Styling packages that are all inclusive and take the hassle off the Client worrying about everything are available from Riverlife at an additional cost. For a quote, please speak with its Event Coordinator.
  • The Client must discuss any storage requests with their Event Coordinators prior to their Function.

If the Client wishes to decorate with candles, then please ensure the Event Coordinators are notified prior to the Function. The following conditions apply to candle decorations:

  • Candles can only be used on tables.
  • Candles may not be located on marquee floors, Riverlife grounds, toilets or on ramps.
  • Candles must be enclosed and not placed directly on furnishings or linen.
  • The use of confetti and any form of sprinkles or sparklers are not permitted at Riverlife Venues. Natural flower petals are permitted.
Fixed lighting and/or fairy lighting
  • DIY externally supplied fairy lights are prohibited.
  • Professionally sourced roof fixtures such as hanging installations must be approved by the Event Coordinators.
  • If the Client requires the removal of fixed or fitted lights, then the Event Coordinators must be notified prior to the Function. Removal of fittings can only be undertaken by Riverlife staff and additional charges will apply.
Decorations and personal effects
  • Riverlife takes no responsibility for:
    • decorations supplied by the Client; or
    • the personal belongings of the Client and its guests.
  • Riverlife is not liable for damage or loss of personal property or items left at a Riverlife Venue before, during or after a Function.
Bump Out

All decorations and fixings must be removed by the Client at the end of their Function. Additional charges apply for non-compliance. There is a one hour bump out time for external suppliers and DIY decorating from the end time of the Function.

Damages and cleaning

  • The Client is responsible for any breakage, damage, theft, or vandalism caused to Riverlife Venues, furniture, equipment, and/or other property during, or associated with the Client’s Function. The Client is financially liable for any damage sustained to the Venue by the action of its guests or outside contractors engaged to act on the hirer’s behalf.
  • The cost of general cleaning is included in Riverlife’s Packages. However, the Client will be responsible for the cost of any additional cleaning required over and above regular cleaning (this may include but is not limited to breakages, broken glass, stains and marks on marquees, walls, furniture or equipment, decorations and excessive spillage).
  • The Client will be notified of the damage on the next business day after the Client’s Function and charged cost price plus labour for all damaged items from the Client’s supplied credit card.

Vehicle access and parking

  • Riverlife has restricted vehicle access for Clients and their guests. Drop offs are only allowed for VIP, special needs persons and suppliers and must be approved by the Event Coordinators prior to the Client’s Function. For full transportation and parking information please see www.riverlife.com.au
  • There is no Client, guest or supplier parking allowed at Riverlife’s Venues. The Client is responsible for notifying its guests and suppliers prior to its Function.
  • Maxi taxis are recommended if you have a group who need to be driven in due to special needs.
  • Wedding cars are welcome to drop off the bridal party only but must depart after the drop off. Limousines and longer vehicles must be made aware by the Client that there is no turn around zone at Riverlife and therefore will have to reverse out. Please discuss this with them upon booking.


  • Riverlife has a designated smoking area. The Client must ensure smokers use the designated smoking areas throughout the course of the event.
  • A no smoking policy applies to all areas within Riverlife Venues where food and beverages are being served.

Sound levels

Riverlife reserves the right to monitor sound levels at the Client’s Function and enforce alterations to sound levels to ensure the Function complies with licensing and noise restrictions and does not adversely affect other activities within the Venue.

Use of photographs

Riverlife reserves the right to use any image or photograph taken of its Venues during the Client’s Function for the purpose of Riverlife’s advertising and marketing activities, in any media type. Please advise Riverlife if you do not wish your photos to be used.

Circumstances beyond the control of Riverlife

  • Riverlife will not be responsible for any costs or compensation due to changed circumstances affecting the Venue or cancellation of Function where circumstances are beyond Riverlife’s control. Riverlife has the right to levy a fee should the Client elect to reschedule or postpone its Function.
  • While every effort is made to ensure consistency, Riverlife cannot guarantee the same Event Coordinator throughout the Function planning process.

Please note that by confirming your Function and paying a Deposit and signing your Function Summary you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated above.

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