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Rollerblade Hire

Head on down to the bustling Brisbane River and grab a pair of rollerblades for just $25 per day! 



All Day Hire

Tues - Sun

About this adventure

Get around Kangaroo Point with wheels on your feet and explore Brisbane in the ultimate express lane! Skate along the river, past the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and onto South Bank or even over the Goodwill Bridge. Feel the freedom with the world spinning around you as you take on Brisbane’s exhilarating inner city, with the river right at your feet. Want to extend your adventure? Grab a coffee from Riverlife before you head off, or pack a picnic to enjoy along the river edge.


  • Rollerblades available in a variety of sizing
  • Safety equipment – helmet, rollerblades, and protective elbow, knee and wrist pads
  • Sunscreen


  • Rollerblades and all safety features are checked over by our team before your departure
  • All rollerblades and safety equipment are cleaned and sanitised between uses
  • You must wear Australian standard approved bike helmets. We have some available with your hire or you may use your own.
  • Where possible, always use the bike lane
  • Give way to pedestrians and other users at all times.
  • If you approach pedestrians, slow down, indicate your passing “on your right” and pass them on the right
  • Do not rollerblade on the road, stick to footpaths.
  • If you are skating at night or in the late afternoon, wear light coloured and reflective clothing.
  • Indicate a change of direction with a clear hand signal.
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening.
  • Never hold on to another moving vehicle while riding