How To Trick Yourself Into Exercising This New Year


So here we are… March. Somehow, the last two and a bit months have slipped by quicker than ever and we find ourselves almost 70 days in to 2019. In previous years, the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra was a sickening reminder that, alas, the new year had not triggered a wild transformation toward a version of me that actually LIKED mornings and exercise. While I still hate mornings more than anything, I can proudly say that (so far), I’ve enjoyed exercising this year. What’s changed? The way that I exercise.

Previously, my perception of working out was centred around going to the gym by myself, doing a brief (boring) workout, then leaving. More often than not, I wouldn’t feel the burn the next day and eventually, my ‘resolution’ to work out would fizzle out and so too would my dreams of a ‘New Me’. This year, I vowed to make a difference. Seeing as my old methods weren’t working, I changed up HOW I worked out and I had a total aha moment.



My traditional views of exercise were thrown out the window, along with it – my old gym membership. I started to look at more organic and natural ways to exercise and boy-oh-boy were they 100x more fun.


Pull the ol’ switcheroo

Switching a session on the treadmill with a walk or skate along a nice boardwalk. If you’re after something a bit more novel, head to Skyzone or Bounce and jump towards those fitness goals!! 

Swapping out the squat rack for a rock-climbing session, which by the way is a full body workout, activating your: biceps, traps, lats, obliques, core, quads, calves and more…

I even ditched the bicep curls for a scenic kayak down Brisbane River, which I’ve enjoyed much more than being neighbours to a grunting gym-bro.

Not only were these new forms of exercise getting me out and about, but they were  making me genuinely enjoy exercise. By changing up something that clearly wasn’t working for me, I’ve now found a sustainable way to keep my resolution. Added bonus, I get to work on my tan while exercising too!

If you still want to specifically target specific muscle groups on certain days like a true gym junkie, plan your exercises in advance, or you could opt for a fun outdoor group boot camp!

Try a new gym!

I’ve recently gone and checked out FITAZFK at Kangaroo Point and LOVE what they are doing there.  Stop letting your gym workouts be the same thing every time! Try some yoga, you never know you might love it, you bendy thing you 😉


Look, this is taking it to the extreme BUT, that little thing is gonna make you walk or run morning and night! Because if you don’t take it to burn off some energy, you’re going to regret it! Bonus to this exercise is that you get ALL the cuddles out of it! If you’re ready to open your home for a dog forever, you’ll not regret this trick! But remember, always check your local shelters and rescues, there’s so many dogs ready to give you love (and great legs).

Go to the beach!

We are so lucky to live in Brisbane and be able to get to BEAUTIFUL beaches so easily! Drive on down to Noosa and go explore Tea Trea Bay, you get a bit of a walk and a swim!

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