We are super excited to tell you all about our Founder, John Sharpe and ex-Brand Manager, Jackie Babbage’s new venture, Gifting Owl! This passion project comes from John and Jackie’s love for the tourism industry and desire to connect the world through adventure.

Gifting Owl, is a worldwide gifting platform connecting you to experiences near and far! From kayaking in Brisbane to Dog Sledding in Sweden, there are so many incredible experiences available.

kayak brisbane river
dog sliding

Gifting Owl has 3 year expiry date on their gifts AND they’re transferable! So, if you get gifted something you don’t see yourself doing, just switch it up for something else!

I’ve got to say, as someone who lived over in London for 5 years, this is a gifting game changer! There’s no need to stress about how to get a present to someone, or even worse, how to transfer money to an overseas bank account! Whether its for a friend, your kid or your grand kid, it’s so easy and you literally can’t choose the wrong thing!

From a tour of the wonderful city of Prague  to Sky Diving on the Gold Coast there’s plenty of adventure filled options, all across the world!

prague photo
sky diving

The next time you’re looking to celebrate someone you love, make sure you take a look on Gifting Owl, first! Even if you’ve left it last minute, you can even get their present texted straight to them!

We are so proud of John and Jackie’s mission to connect the world and we can’t wait to see Gifting Owl spread joy and adventure all across the globe!