If your drone weighs more than 100g, you must not launch within 5.5km of this aerodrome/helicopter landing site (HLS) if you are aware, or become aware, that manned aircraft are operating to or from this aerodrome/HLS.

If you are already flying your drone within 5.5km of an aerodrome/HLS and become aware that manned aircraft are operating to/from this aerodrome/HLS, you must maneuver safely away from the path of that aircraft and land as soon as it is safe to do so.


  1. Any commerceal Drone operation completed at Riverlife Adventure Centre must be operated by a CASA licensed operator within the following guidelines.
  2. The Operator is required to submit a flight schedule, risk assessment, a copy of their drone licence and details of their Rig to Riverlife to be reviewed by prior to filming.
  3. As it is a high population area, drone operation may not take place overhead of populated areas. This includes overhead of Kayaking or tour groups.
  4. The top of the Kangaroo point cliffs is a No Fly area. This area is not under Riverlife’s control, and Penalties can apply.
  5. All flight paths should be checked on “Can I fly here” app before flying. You can access this information via the following website: https://casa.dronecomplier.com/external
  6. The operator or Spotter must maintain a visual line of sight at all time.
  7. Drone operation is not permitted as a solo operation at Riverlife. All drone operators must have a spotter at all times.

Launching drones from other Council parkland

You can launch and land drones and other remotely piloted aircraft from any Council parkland, without Council consent if:

  • you are flying for recreational purposes; and
  • your aircraft is a children’s toy, or weighs less than 0.5 kilograms*; and
  • you are flying no earlier than 7 am Monday to Saturday, or no earlier than 8 am on Sundays and public holidays; and
  • your activities do not endanger, interfere with or cause nuisance to the park, park users or adjoining properties; and
  • you follow CASA’s safety rules for flying drones and other remotely piloted aircraft recreationally at all times; and
  • the park area is available for public use and not part of a site managed by another organisation, such as a sporting club or community group. *CASA rules override this in some locations, for example, within 5.5 kilometres of an aerodrome or helicopter landing site. Check the CASA drone flyer website or their ‘Can I fly there?’ drone safety app for details.

Any other questions can be passed on to bells@sharpey.co