Unique Gifts for Your Family and Friends


If you have a special someones’ birthday coming up, stop googling “unique presents for him/her”. We totally get that you want to show them how much they mean to you, but is a customisable mug really going to do that? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against mugs. They are inherently practical and I use my mug daily. On top of that, the novelty of having one with a pun, or my face on it does makes me chuckle. But would I want that as a gift from someone? Not so sure… and I don’t see myself treasuring a mug for eons anyway.

We’ve brainstormed some fun, truly unique gifts for every budget! Your friends and family will be thanking you, and you’ll be thanking us!!


Experience Gifts

Jump on the ‘experience’ gift giving bandwagon and gift someone special, something special. Experience gifts are awesome because the lucky recipient will be getting an awesome day out of it, but also the experience will be ingrained into their memory. They’ll always remember about that time they did ‘that cool thing’ and they’ll have you to thank for it!

Experience gifts can range from a holiday or a massage, a cooking or pottery class, to a stint at skydiving! It all depends on the person at the receiving end, so just make sure you aren’t crossing the line and combatting any phobias with your gift.


At Riverlife, we have flexible gift-giving packages to suit all budgets and every type of adrenaline seeker.

After something chilled? Opt for our paddle and prawns package!

Want to get your blood pumping? Go for our abseiling or rock climbing adventures!

Unsure of what to get someone? We also have gift cards which lets them decide the ‘how’ and the ‘when’.  


Long Lasting Flowers

Most girls (and some guys) LOVE getting gifted a bouquet of flowers. Dotted around your house, they can lift moods, spark creativity and improve air quality. But there is something tragic about having to toss the gorgeous bouquet after a week or so of enjoying its beauty. This is why you should look into gifting plants or native arrangements.

There’s an array of hardy, low maintenance plants that can survive the most domesticated conditions… air con, low light, lots of light, bathrooms, I could go on… Head to your local nursery or even Bunnings for (a snag and) some advice!

After a bouquet? Native flowers are unreal. Firstly, they are absolutely stunning… they have this extraterrestrial look to them and come in the most POPPING colours. Secondly, they are extremely long lasting and when they eventually die, most bouquets will look exactly the same. You heard me, these flowers die… but don’t degrade in beauty. They dry out and (for the most part) maintain their form and colour. So after enjoying them for a week, you can switch them into a decorative, waterless vase and voila!


Quality Time

If you’re looking for something special at the lower end of the budget, this one’s for you. (Assuming the recipient likes you enough to want to spend some quality time with you) Pack a picnic or head for a day trip to somewhere beautiful. You can’t go wrong with some waterfalls or the beach. Brisbane is lucky in that there are so many stunning places to explore within an hour or two’s drive. On top of that, there are some unreal hidden gems scattered throughout Brisbane too!


At the end of the day, just remember that your love for someone is not equated by how much $$$ you spend on them. Think about what’s special to them… so if they’re a sucker for mugs, get them that damned mug!

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